Monday, June 22, 2009

Slow Down, Baby!

What a week/end! I have several "half posts" started but not finished. I'd start them but something would come up and I would be unable to finish - then start a new topic and not be able to finish that one either!

Today, though, I have been rather sentimental. Who knew that becoming a mother would make me a blubbering mess of emotions? Me, who had taken it upon herself to be as emotionless as possible starting at 12 years old. Me, who doesn't cry during movies (except A Walk To Remember). Me, who doesn't cry at weddings and only cried at mine because my dad gave an unexpected speech and was bawling during it - thereby causing me to tear. What's wrong with me!? ...oh, that's right, I have a baby and my chemical balance is all screwed up.

...At least that's my excuse!

Cleaning my "junk room" that is Supposed to be Munchkin's room the last few days has been quite fruitful. I did, however, come across Munchkin's newborn clothes. She's not an infant anymore!!! I'm SO sad! My baby isn't an infant anymore!

I think she's got 2 bottom teeth coming in. I'm SO sad about that, too. I LOVE her toothless smile and laugh. I LOOOOVE the way she sucks her bottom lip in - it won't be the same when she gets those teeth in!

My baby is growing up and no matter how much of those moments I cherish - It still goes WAY too quickly.


Jessi said...

Oh you have no idea! I am an emotional mess since having my kids too. My son is 18 months next week and my daughter is 3 in two months! I get moved to tears pretty much daily when I realize how much they've grown! I just wish I could press the pause button and enjoy them this age for a little while longer :(. It really does go by entirely too fast! Before you know it, your precious baby girl will be TWO!

Hang in there, it doesn't get any easier on us momma's! They always keep on growing no matter how much we beg them not to. So sad!

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