Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Years Ago, Today.

Almost 5 years ago I met Kenny at Awana camp. We'd both been going to that camp for years, well since 5th grade. Yet, we had never seen or knew of the other before that summer. He was funny, quite entertaining and we were on the same team.

Later that week we found each other with our guitars in the Snack Shop playing - when we realized that we both knew a song that no one else knew, or really even liked, but we did. That's where it started.

At the end of that week we swapped contact information - he gave me everything about him, short of his social security number! Drivers license number, license plate... everything!

Not a week back home we were Instant Messaging (remember when that was cool?) each other every night. He had a girlfriend, though, so was off limits and was just another (because I had *a lot*) guy friend of mine that was cool and could actually play his guitar - not another poser.

Fast forward a few months - a couple hospitalizations for me, he broke up with his girlfriend, I shot him down - we were dating.

Dating, going to school, graduating highschool, working, working, working. Good, much simpler times - yet very difficult in their own right. Several more hospitalizations and bumps in the road for us and things were great!

One extremely unbearable hot fine day I found my self being proposed to under this fountain that I am standing under with Munchkin:

A year later, after a LOT of planning, helping with his lovely sister's wedding (she got married 2 months, almost exactly, before us), his mom had an unexpected Gallbladder surgery, and a lot more inbetween. We were married on this day, June 29th in 2007.

It was beautiful, complete with beautiful weather for pictures, a thunderstorm that caused a transformer blow and tree branches fall down and had our lovely party favors we were up all night putting together to melt all over the white table clothes:


Yes, it was a blast. The sun came out as I walked down the aisle. Nothing could have been more perfect. It was glorious. Truly glorious.

Now, we have a beautiful little girl and a lot has happened in these two short years. From a surprise pregnancy then miscarriage with twins, that Kenny had wanted so badly. To a surprise second pregnancy. To major job turmoil. To having God throw Kenny's current one in his lap.

Its been a blast and I cannot wait to see what he has next for us!


Jessi said...

Wow, sounds like it's been very eventful!

Happy (belated) Anniversary! That last picture is so cute!

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