Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time for a Quick Rundown!

What a Day!!!

What a weekend, is what I really think I should say. It's not quite over yet, though, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

We went to this awesome car show that happens every year nearby. The cool kind of car show. The sort where you sit and they come to you. You get to watch them drive in their glory, hear their engines roar, and enjoy!

Afterward we spent the night at my in-laws, being as we were going yard sale-ing at a massive community thing bright and early the next morning with them, it made more sense to stay with them then drive back out there in a few short hours.

Oh WOW. SO many yard sales, so little time and energy to last all day. My wonderful and oh-so-funny-mother-in-law just about couldn't leave one without something. Okay, not quite that bad, but it seemed like it and it was amusing. More so as we spent ALL day there - 7:50am to about 3:30pm - and Hubby and I somehow managed to leave collectively spending $3 whopping dollars.

It's not that there wasn't anything for us, its just that we were out to find a couple specific things and didn't find those and were also being a bit too picky. Whoops. Nothing we really couldn't live without, though.

...except... within the first 5 minutes I found a High Chair like what I've been looking for but though to myself that I would find a much better one later one. No such luck, of course. That would be my one regret.

Hubby also laments a little not having remembered where the sale was that had some decent car audio stuff and a touch screen phone. If those are our only problems, and possibilities for buying - it was okay.

I searched for storage units to contain things so as to keep them away from my quickly becoming mobile munchkin. Not much luck there, either. People were a bit too hopeful in their pricing standards. That's okay, though, I hope for their sake that someone did buy those things. I'll keep looking.

Then there are the Sun Burns. Yep, I failed to sunscreen my body up. This wouldn't be a big deal except that I burn EASY. As a young teenager I suffered several sets of 3rd degree sunburns in a summer and a few more times the next few years. Its nearly inevitable, though, I burn at least once every year.

The sad thing is that Munchkin burned!!! I sunscreened her up several times and she still got burned. I feel so badly for her! She was amazing all day, never got real fussy and slept on me a couple of times (I love it when she does that! It won't last much longer so I take it every time I can get it!).

She was showing obvious signs of exhaustion by the time we left. When we got home she woke up and was hysterical for a good hour. We're not quite sure why, but guessing she was in the sun too much today and the slight burns were bugging her too. Some Tylenol and Snuggles with Mommy fixed it and she's sleeping away next to me on the couch now.

Hubby didn't burn much, just his cute little nose! However, he's been having hip problems when walking for long periods of time and today was no exception. He was dying about half way through AND his allergies were killing him too - at which point the normally fun ordeal became far less than fun for him. Being as his mom bought a lot of big stuff he had the excuse to drive back to the house, pick up the truck, and come back to pick those things up. Allowing him to rest his legs a bit.

You'd think that was the end of the day, huh? Well, it wasn't. Some fantastic pizza followed - which was also followed by an epic battle of toes!!! My wonderful Sister-in law and I were going opposite directions when our big toes collided - her nail bent back and managed to stab mine drawing blood. We laughed, realized it really hurt, then kept laughing. It was completely ridiculous! Who does that!? Us, obviously!

I also am now the proud owner of a completely awesome chair. My mother in law was getting rid of it and I have always been a bit fond of it, as has Hubby, so to us it came!

Since this has been a post of random ramblings, I think I'll finish off by saying that I hope that tomorrow I am able to aquire some nifty storage devices that will also match my decor - or I can sand and stain to match my decor.


Jillian said...

I love yard and garage sales! One time I almost bought this brand new ceiling fan for only five dollars but realized it did not have lights so I did not buy it! Later my husband told me it is really easy to install a light in ceiling fans!! Boy was I upset because it would have been perfect for Emerson's room!

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