Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip trip trip

My Great Grandmother died a few days ago at the sincerely Ripe Old Age of 95. Her life was long lived, loved and quite full. She lived on her farm in Kansas her entire life. Yes, she had a good long life.

My Mom has been going back to Kansas with her Dad the last 5 or so years to visit her and other relatives for a couple weeks during the spring. - This death has kinda hit her suddenly. She was ready to go, but no one really "expects" a person to die, so she's pretty sad about it.

Dad got the money together quickly and sent her back there for a week - for the funeral and all - the only thing is that the cheap flight was 4 and a half hours away, in Seattle, from home. He's in the middle of a huge business deadline so I volunteered to take her there. That meant waking up at 1am from 3 hours of sleep, driving 4.5 hours and then turning around and coming back home.

All with Munchkin in tow. It was a loooooong day! I do enjoy drives like that, though, I get to see all sorts of beautiful things - which I love.

The exhaustion overtook me after I dropped my Mom off at the airport and made sure she got checked in. Stopping for Breakfast was great - Munchkin and I went to IHOP. She sat right next to me gumming some tasty French Toast while I ate the rest of it. She is such a good baby and will sit quietly and well for me in such places. Everyone is quite taken with her too. - Causing me some problems nearly every time I go out with her. Its neat.

I ended up stopping at a rest stop shortly after driving again as I realized I was far too tired to continue on at that point. I wanted to nap - Munchkin wanted to play. I compromised, she sat next to me out of her seat playing with toys and I got to "rest my eyes." It wasn't a nap but it was just what I needed.

It took me awhile to get home compared to how long it took me to get there, but I wasn't trying to break any land speed records on the way back. It was Munchkins first experience with such a long car ride so I made sure that the normal hours of her waking were spent semi normally. She tolerated the entire trip very well. I was quite surprised, still am.

Anyways, I'm tired and haven't felt well since I returned home - probably that IHOP breakfast coming back to bite me. Time to sleep for me! But not before I spend sometime in prayer for my Mom and the rest of the family in Kansas.


Jillian said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma! My great grandma passed away three weeks ago at 96 or 97 (I have memory issues since the baby). It is always sad but at the same time you know they have lived a long life!

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