Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh My! Look at the Time!!

Oh MAN! My day got completely away from me! How did that happen? Well... could quite possibly be that I got up with Munchkin at 6am, played and played with her, took a shower and played some more.

Somewhere in there we found out that Hubby wasn't working today so he went back to sleep while I went back to playing.

Right around 10am I was nursing Munchkin and starting to take a nap myself - having just drifted off to sleep my Oh SO Sweet Husband decided it was time for him to get up which means coming and telling me he's hungry!

Of course he assumes I had been out there sleeping the whole time and not actually entertaining and small too cute for words human.

No, I didn't get to go back to sleep. Instead we "got going" which really means that it took till Noon to leave the house. Why was I leaving the house today with my sweet husband? He promised me that he would go pants shopping with me so a) Munchkin wouldn't get another hanger lodged in her mouth and b) I could actually find a pair!

So, he was my fantastic man and kept his promise and I got to find a pair of pants with an unscathed baby!

It took a bit of convincing for me to actually like the pair I decided on. They fit me by far the best. I just wasn't sure about certain aspects of them (Can you tell I'm a bit too picky?). I found them in my first 2 minutes of being in the store (no joke!) but it took me an hour and half of looking and trying on at least a dozen other pairs and 4 trips to the fitting rooms (all the while carrying that pair around with me) to finally come to the realization that my Husband was Right about this pair of pants!

He is not the best at picking out clothes for me, at least while they are on the hangers - he's more okay once they are on me. Maybe that's what did it? Or maybe it was a one time thing. I guess only time will tell!

So, I left with my new pants and rush around the rest of the day. Picking up a video card for my younger brother-in-law, picking my dad up from work, dropping Hubby back off at home, dropping my dad off at home. Going back to my home finding SOMETHING to wear for my Mother's piano recital (She is a fantastic piano teacher!!!) she was putting on for her students.

OH! AND it was her birthday today as well. My initial plans didn't work out so I ended up rushing around trying to throw something else together - which ended up okay. Just not as good as my initial thoughts. Oh well! It still went off swimmingly!

So, that was mostly my day. Summed up, of course, there was too much to ever fit into a post! Or even remember if I wanted to write type about it.


Jessi said...

woohoo for finding pants!! good thing your husband went with you!

your mom sounds awesome. did she teach you to play too?

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