Monday, June 8, 2009

Preperations for Mobileness

So, I'm planning on going around baby proofing our house as soon as possible. Munchkin is rapidly figuring out how to become more mobile as she becomes more and more interested in objects that she cannot have. One of which may or may not be my computer and banging on the keyboard.

I'm looking around just the living room and realizing I have my work cut out for me!

Our Dvd player and Wii are quite accessible sitting on the floor underneath the tv. Our Cd's are floor level on the case. As is the printer, Hubby's tower of games, cables, books, papers, and magazines.

Our bedroom is a disaster waiting to happen - under the sink (yes, there is a sink, counter, and mirror in our bedroom) is filled with all sorts of random stuff from when we moved out of the old apartment - None of which is baby friendly.

Her room is just a "dump room" and I would also like to get that ready for her to at least be able to play in, or have toys to bring out to play with. Quite a bit of the stuff is "bigger" so I will need to load it into the car and drive it down to the storage facility in our complex and maybe get someone to watch Munchkin while I take things down there.

A huge neighborhood wide yard sale is coming up so I'm hoping to score some storage type things to help me get this place baby-friendly. We'll see if that's in God's plan though, many of these people want too much money for their stuff.

I'm trying to figure out what stuff I'm just going to work with her to "do not touch that." Quite possibly that will be our entertainment things - and definitely Hubby's computer - That's not really an option.

Man, I feel so unprepared for this! But so excited for it too. I just hope I'll be a good enough mom to teach her properly and be patient while teaching.

And since I always must add a picture here's this fantastically awesome one: Hubby created and snapped this delightful shot while I was showering Sunday morning.


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