Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Week of Crazy

I cannot begin to explain the week I have just had! This is the kind of week that truly does put a few gray hairs on the head, causes ones emotions to flip flop in seconds, sleep does not come easy and in the end - exhaustion like no other. When its all said fresh air is easier breathed and laughter comes much more freely.

Through a long chain of crazy events we finally got my car up and moving again, finally buying a new tire AND wheel for nearly twice the price that we bought the initial set of 4 for. We also finally got my beloved first car sold to a nice highschool almost graduate boy. I hope it serves him as well as it served me!

There is something to be said about emotional attachment to a first car. So many wonderful, and not so great memories with that thing. In fact, one thing I am *still* paying for that really burns me. Oh well, live and learn. Hopefully learning. heehee.

This week Munchkin has been quickly learning to grab our hands when we hold them out to her. She also reaches in intense earnest for me when she wants me. Also with other obnects now too! Yesterday I was holding a fountain drink in one hand, her in the other, and she kept grabbing my straw out of it and flinging it around - but not before she figured out how to suck out of it! I was shocked she learned how to do it, but she got a mouth full of soda and gave me the most surprised and disgusted face! So funny!

My only pair of jeans has become my newest pair of grunge/work jeans after springing holes in the knees, and the bottoms falling completely apart from being stepped on due to my short legs. So tomorrow I'm going to do my best to find a new used pair of jeans tomorrow. Hopefully I'll come away from that with my emotions intact.

Please pray for sweet little Baby April tonight and her Loving Mommy and Doting Daddy. She was born this afternoon at a dainty 4 pounds 8 oz. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and one other Birth Defect (that I cannot remember right now) that caused the doctors to insist on terminating the pregnancy - at that time and again and again. April's Mommy went against that and carried April full term though she was told her baby never make it and would likely die in child birth if she made it that far.

God has blessed them with at least 6 hours with their beautiful daughter, but her heart was starting to slow as was her breathing. Life is so fragile and precious, we never truly realize it until we're faced with it in such a way. Be in prayer for all involved there, that the Lords will be done and peace to all. Praises for being allowed to have much time with their lovely baby April. Squeeze you children tight, Thank Jesus for them. Praise the Lord for our Husbands, Wives, Children, Parents, and Siblings, everyone else we're involved with and near to.


Jillian said...

April Rose is still alive, what a miracle huh??

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