Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silly Me.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, it was Hoopfest weekend around here.

Much fun was had by all. Hubby and I went down yesterday to see my brothers and their buddies play their last game for the day. The only thing is....

...well, let see... Here's how it is: My dad's business, that I have enjoyed working for/with him for several years now, made all the banners that line the streets to block traffic from traveling on a good portion of our downtown. We did 40 of these last year. To say it was Insane would be an injustice to the feat it was to get them all done. Not to mention that we had to bring in 16 other people (one of them being my SO very sweet and awesome Sister in law), I was pregnant, it was about 95-100ยบ, and I had NO IDEA that this blessed even in my town was SO big.

I was born and raised in this town. My dad was a referee for the event several years when I was very young. Yet, I was never went down to see the event, never participated, nothing.

Little did I know until last year amongst the Insanity that it is the worlds largest 3 on 3 basket ball tournament.

This year we did 11 more banners for it. Got them done on time without the Insanity.

Back to what I was saying, though. Hubby and I went down on Saturday to watch my brothers' game, only to miss half of it. We went to walk around the park but then found that there were SO MANY PEOPLE. We decided to leave. I'm not typically a claustrophobic person, but that day - it was getting to me - and had completely gotten to Hubby.

Come to find out later that over 200,000 people massed on our downtown. No wonder there was no room for walking!

The glutton for punishment that I am went back today to watch their game again. They did well, winning that game and allowing them to play one more - which they lost awfully. It was still quite fun, though. I got to walk around and Munchkin did SO well.

And, yes, that is a mohawk I put her hair in. Yes, she did get called a boy all day. I can't get mad at people, though, when I perpetuate the problem.

I think that next year I would like to participate in the madness that is Hoopfest. Hopefully I can find some poor souls to lose with me. I love basket ball a lot.

Whatever the case. It was a long day, but quite fun. Came home and had milk shakes, grilled cheese and tomato soup with Hubby and later ice cream. A Perfect Sunday.


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