Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sunday night, after my adorable Nephew was born, we all got home and hung around the house. Rylee got grumpy and it was definitely bedtime. I had been up for about 36 hours with only a 1/2 hour nap amidst the baby being born and my best friends Bridal Shower (that I was hostessing).

I feel I have no reason to really complain about that, so I won't. I've had many of my share of sleepless nights like that with a baby in the house. Evidently I was a lot more exhausted than I thought I was.

Before falling asleep on the couch, Rylee was cuddling and falling asleep with me. She was irritating me because all I wanted to do was fall asleep ( I was practically asleep as it was) and she kept head-butting me in the chin. Turns out after we had both fallen asleep I shoved her off the couch onto the ground (I hope that she just 'fell off' but I feel that wasn't the case....)!

Kenny thought it was too funny and snapped several photos of this precious sleepy moment.

Afterward he tried putting Rylee back up on the couch to cuddle with me. In the process she kind of woke up and started moving all around trying to get comfy again. I, in my sleepy-zombie-like stupor, thought I had JUST fallen asleep and felt quite irritated. So I got up, laid her down in her crib then went and passed out (but not before trying to play with my ipod touch before falling asleep) in bed.

I love my Husband, My baby and Sleep!


zookeeperjess said...

shoved her off. LOLOLOLOL that cracked me up! I went 36 hours when my mom was in critical condition. It was crazy being so sleep deprived. I have never had nights like that with the kids, thank goodness! BTW your nephew is absolutely precious!

sweets said...

what an adorable picture!

Samantha said...

awww, this is just too cute! Hope you managed to get some sleep hun!

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