Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long week

It's been a terribly long week. I hate the company that "Landlords" our apartments and a dozen (or more) others in the area.

It's simply ridiculous how much they expect of their tenants upon moving out. They already require 1/2 the deposit you put down for cleaning purposes. Then they can keep the rest and charge you for every hour their 'special' cleaning person is there ($14.00/hour). On top of that they get to charge per thing that needs extra cleaning.

I'm not talking normal things here, like the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer... I'm talking insane things to expect people to clean:

The light-switches and plug-ins must be scrubbed clean, there can't be dust ANYWHERE - even on top of the doors and the "door sills." All the lightbulbs, light fixtures, door knobs, grout. The stove and refrigerator must be pulled out and cleaned all around, vacuumed under and scrub every part of the actual appliances.We've gotta take the windows out of their tracks and scrub them all around. There can NOT be ANY streaks on any of the glass or mirrors. do I know all this? Well, of course they provide a handy dandy cleaning sheet to help remember it all.

This would also happen the 2nd time around with this company.

When I was 6 months pregnant with Rylee we moved from a 1 bedroom at this same apartment complex into a 2 bedroom to accommodate our new little miss.  We gave ourselves just a couple days between the move out of the old one to the move into the new one.

It wasn't that bad all in all, my mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law all came and helped clean. You would think that between the 5 of us we could clean a 640 square foot apartment to a satisfactory condition.


Not only did we not get back the other 1/2 of our deposit - the charged us $20 for "ALL" the extra cleaning they claim was needed.

Granted, I didn't really look at the move out list. No normal person would think to wipe down the plug-ins or on top of the door-sills for barely visible dust.

I also know that they check these things. Our land-lady did it right in front of me. I was a little more than angry.

This time I've spent a week on this place. I'm sick of cleaning. I'm sick of driving back and forth. I've driven over 1200 miles just between houses trying to get crap moved and cleaned.

Tomorrow is the 31st, it's our last day there. It's my last day of cleaning. Then I'll be done. I'm getting up bright and early to be OCD one last day to finish the job that will never truly be done. They'll find other ways to charge us. There will always be something wrong for these people. Kenny pointed out today that it's basically like they want to be able to perform surgery in there. Ha! I should be boiling everything! Whatever. I'll just OCD clean the grout with my kitchen knives getting all the little bits of grime and dirt out.

I think I'll be doing a little happy dance tomorrow around 5-6pm. Depending on how the actual walk through goes - it might be a little later than that because I might have to recover from dealing with the evil landlady (we really don't like her as an individual). After this it's on to better, awesomer things!


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