Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy Bee's

Things are busier than bee's in the summer around here!

We had 2 awesome birthdays last week for my Lovely Sister-in-law and my Awesome Brother.

No nephew to be held and loved and cuddled yet, he's still snug as a baby in the belly. Although there is a chance of Induction tomorrow because her Amniotic Fluid Level was really low last week (mine was really high, so it's cool to see the differences in pregnancies).  She's 39.5 weeks now so there should be a new baby here soon!

Things are in full swing for the upcoming move. Our house is becoming more chaotic. The Walls are empty, rooms are echoing, I'm feeling more overwhelmed as I realize that there is still much to do.

My Mother-in-law is a freaking Ninja. Her house is almost completely rearranged for us. She managed to stuff most all her Sewing/Stamping/Scrapbooking things into the smaller room - it's amazing! The room we'll be moving into is now almost ready for us to start doing stuff with!

I get to paint!

I'm so excited. I love painting. I'm excited to be able to at least do that and make our new living place more 'our own'. I've had colors in my head for years to paint a room someday, so those are the colors I'm going to do.

Everything is coming along and I think we'll be in there much sooner than we had originally thought. It's going to be crazy, and awesome. Hopefully we can all stay sane and be able to stand each other by the time we actually move in. Just kidding, my in-laws are awesome.


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