Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today is Tuesday

Well well well.

I'm exhausted. There has been much going on and it won't stop till next week after we get the rest of our stuff moved out and the apartment cleaned and we sign the official 'we're gone!' papers.

I may have had 2 teeth (molars) removed yesterday out of the top right side of my mouth. So, I might have a swollen chipmunk cheek.

My Mother in Law was so sweet and took care of our new puppy (the day after we got her, may have been bad timing in the whole puppy purchase, oh well. We're completely taken with her) while I was at the tooth removal appointment.

I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with my body's resilience in healing. Everyone told me I looked terrible yesterday. I felt fine for the most part. I was 1/2 a step away from crying by the time I got home because I had to stop at 3 stores to grocery shop/pick up prescriptions afterward - I wouldn't take the pain killers until after I got back.  After I got some in my system I was feeling fine, just a little sleepy - though I stilled looked awful.

Kenny let me sleep with the puppy on the couch last night. Haha! It sounds hopelessly pathetic but Sobie is "his" puppy so I appreciated it a lot. She's so sweet and loving. REALLY good with Rylee and Rylee is really good with her. I'm quite impressed.

We got the puppy at just the right age for Rylee. She's not quite to the age yet where she wants to pick up and carry around everything. Had we waited even a month or two longer she'd have been there. So now she does a "rub rub" to the puppy and is happy. Sobie jumped and licked and played allll over Rylee this morning when they both woke up. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

The teeth I had pulled were not my wisdom teeth - I already had those out years ago. They were two that had cavities so deep the could not be root canal-ed or anything to save them (one already had a root canal previously). In the process of getting the root canal-ed tooth out it broke. So they had to take it out in 4 pieces. Also, because they were so hard to get out the bone was completely exposed and they had to file down the bone so there wouldn't be any rough spots or 'bone spurs' to cause me pain afterward. It was quite unpleasant. Surprisingly enough they said I was the most calm patient they had seen in years. I hate dental work and avoid going every time I can. I guess I just figure when I get in there I might as well relax or it will be more unpleasant.

The rest of this week, after another Pilates class tomorrow, I'll be spending the majority of my time at the old apartment - getting the rest of our stuff out and cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The last time we moved out of an apartment from the same property management we got CHARGED because of "all the extra cleaning" they had to do. Total BS on their part. I had that place immaculate. I know how to clean a house for moving - I've done it with my mom a dozen times. We had my mom, mother in law, sister in law and little sister (and myself) cleaning that little 640 sq foot apartment and evidently it wasn't "good enough" so not only did we not get our deposit back - we got charged.

I'm determined to not get charged this time. I don't care if we don't get our deposit back this time, they'll do everything they can to take us for as much money as they can. Kenny has already stated that if they try to charge us he'll say "screw you" and not pay. I would just rather not having to do that if it can be avoided. Heehee.

Well, I've rambled enough for now. I've got more puppy pictures for later, and a few new Rylee ones too. Now, I'm going to go try finding something to fill my empty stomach with soft foods that don't fill.


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