Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had something else I was going to post about tonight but I don't remember what it is.

Since we're already off kilter about the whole blogging post thing tonight I'll just ramble on.

Rylee is adjusting well to the move. Her one problem is she thinks she doesn't have to listen to Kenny and I now that we're at Grandma and Grandpa's house all the time. We realized it last night so we caught it early at least, and she's even starting to adjust well to that.

I still have a ton of crap back that the apartment that I need to sort through and clean out. I'm totally not looking forward to that. It's scaring me a bit and making me feel overwhelmed. I know I need to do it, though, so hopefully the rest of the week I'll be able to get my act together.

I started Pilates last week and it's pretty amazing already. I haven't actually even done any real exercising either. My first meeting there (they require you to go to 3 or more personal training sessions so you can handle the real classes and keep up with everyone) the Lady (We'll call her, A) was able to tell that I carry Rylee on my right side more dominantly than my left. I was pretty impressed. She's had me working the rest of the week on my posture and breathing. It's almost like being in an etiquette class except for exercise! Haha!

I've noticed quite the improvement in my posture already, though, and I am thrilled about that. Soon I'll start up my running routine again as the weather seems to be getting nicer again, and I'm hoping that it'll stay that way being as it's actually time for spring now. ...and we won't talk about Friday night when we were in a minor blizzard coming home from our second trip of moving our crap.

I still need to buy curtains for the rest of our room. It's driving me nuts. It's also driving me nuts how much money we've spent in this move. I'll get over it. We'll be saving a lot so it's spend some to gain a lot, I guess.

I ordered a new clip for my insulin pump tonight. 

I'm pretty excited. It's been driving me INSANE. Not just Nuts, but INSANE that my pump falls off EVERYWHERE. It'll be at least a week before I have it in my hands, I'm sure. I'm excited nonetheless.

Rylee's been teething hardcore style too. So it's been a BUSY week! I'm exhausted and I go back to work tomorrow and already have a lot to do there. SO, I'm out for tonight!


Layne said...

I recently had to replace my clip also. That clip is a God-send when it's working! I just hate that it's $20 to replace it! Sheesh!!



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