Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Husband Post

Being the absolutely wonderful guy he is, he tries to keep me always honest. So I have to let you all know that this picture

That I posted a few days ago when I was talking about the endless job of packing was not actually apart of the packing. Kenny took that box several weeks ago (when I wanted to throw it out) and started playing games with Rylee, as he's such a good Papa. He got her diving inside to retrieve toys and pacifiers out of it. Then he cut a hole as you see there, and she started putting things inside that hole - then trying to pull them back out. Or dive inside after the object that she dropped through the hole. It was a lot of work on Kenny's part to get her to do that.

Then he started putting it on her head. She hated it. Kenny tried to show her it was fun.

But she didn't want to do it at first. He finally got her liking it. She walked all around the house in it. Running into things and falling over - it was so freaking cute!


Also.  In watching The Biggest Loser this evening Kenny decided that we should call it the "Fat Parade." I told him I might use that in the company of each other but not in mixed company. He asked "why? - I didn't have an answer. Then he asked why I wouldn't blog about it. So, here I am. Blogging about it.


Finally, my SO awesome Husband treated me like such a princess tonight! I was bored and going crazy needing to do stuff on my house but being 'stuck' in the process. We need to get boxes out of storage so I can start packing up our dishes. I need to put another coat of paint on several walls but have to wait for the current one to dry. - I don't like being stuck and feeling unproductive - and bored. 

He sent me out of the house to get my hair dyed and cut!! 

He took care of Rylee and put her to bed. I got a couple baby-free hours without anything else going on like a baby being born, bridal shower, painting.... just time for me!

I LOVE my new wonderfully ammonia-scented-dark-brown-with-slight-red-tones-hair-color!

The last time I dyed it was a few weeks before Rylee was born. It's been well over 14.5 months. My hair had grown out to its natural color and I was ready for a new one. Kenny pushed me into doing all of it.  I was just going to get a trim - as I'm also growing it out. The stylist was awesome and gave me a deal on the color and styled my hair a little bit more for me while keeping the length intact. 

Such a great night. I feel totally pampered and special. I love my Husband. He treats me so well!


zookeeperjess said...

Kudos to the hubby :) How awesome you got time to yourself!!

I want to see your hair. You can't tell us that then not share a picture :)

Jenny said...

Glad you got such a wonderful treat! You deserve it! The box pictures are too funny!

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