Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Beautiful Mommy-to-Be!

She's got a beautiful smile and definitely glowing like a mommy-to-be

An old friend from High School allowed me the pleasure of doing her maternity photos today.

Just the most beautiful baby bump at just a little over 25 weeks.

Her Son will be so blessed to have her as a Mommy. Such a wonderful heart and spirit this sweet and so awesome chick has!

Definitely excited for this little boy to come!

Happy to just go out and trapse up and down the hills of one of our best parks all day for a gazillion pictures.

I just can't help but love these photos with such a beautiful Mommy-to-Be.

I had a blast taking them. Even with my own daughter screaming her head off a couple feet away. It was worth it, screaming child, laying on the ground and nearly falling off some rocks to achieve some pretty sweet shots.

Yeah, she'll be an awesome Mommy!


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