Sunday, March 21, 2010

In love, again.

We're head over heals in love with our newest family addition. She's precious. So loving. So cuddly and snugglie. She's our SoBe Puppy.

She already waves 'Hi'!

She's as cute as can be! With her bandit eye coloring and white tipped tail.

We're proud owners of the most adorable Chihuahua ever! (Yes, I'm quite biased)


~Suzanne~ said...

awww!! Look how tiny, haha!! How is Rylee with her?!?

Steve and Amy said...

I love her! How sweet is she?! Congrats on the newest family member! :O)

Jillian said...

Oh my she is so tiny!! And I am sorry to hear about your teeth!! But glad you are getting better!

Katie I. said...

That puppy is so cute!!!!!

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