Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Musings

Sleep, or lack of it, has become a major focus in my life recently. The severe lack of it has caused me to be VERY Grumpy, VERY Un-Agreeable, and Very Depressed on some days.

I nearly broke down in hysterics a few nights ago, but God heard my misery and blessed me. He allowed me to have a decent nights sleep that night, Munchkin was more agreeable the next day and Kenny let me sleep in while he went to work the next morning.

I feel refreshed and renewed, which makes being around me much more enjoyable.

The last couple of days Munchkin and I have had some pretty good times, and some pretty frustrating ones. But the outcome is that she is now SO much more aware than she ever has been. She is now becoming more self-entertaining and is scooting herself all over the floor. Albeit not purposeful-trying-to-get-somewhere scooting but she's doing it anyhow. Just one step away from purposeful which is causing me a bit of anxiety.

Most moms have already baby-proofed their house before the baby is even born. Me, on the other hand... I was working constantly and by the time I got home I was in such pain that I sat my butt on the couch and didn't move one bit until I went to bed. Some nights I would muster the energy to put more of Munchkins things away or make the crib, maybe even do some dishes.

So now, I'm looking around and realizing that I am ill-equipped to have a baby crawling around and grabbing everything. Nearly everything within her reach is NOT baby safe. Either she will get hurt, OR her parents will want to hurt her for grabbing things she shouldn't (which would be no fault but our own).

That is another quandary for me - I don't have many storage devices to place things in to keep out of her way which will me having to spend money I don't have much of these days. Oh well! Tis the fun of parenting! Heehee.

It really is fun, though. She responds to so much more, and I can now lay her on the floor and she'll play with toys, grab at them and entertain herself by figuring out how to grab something with ::gasp:: two hands!

She loves the outdoors and now is curious about grass too - she wasn't too sure of the stuff at first.
Yeah, Life is Good again.

And I have the most adorable baby in the world.


Jillian said...

She is a cutie and don't worry I am on bed rest and I don't have any safety things put up yet:)

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