Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of Tights, Stores, Deals and other things!

I shouldn't be up anymore tonight, but I am. Kenny and I watched Robin Hood: Men in tights tonight. It has been years since I've seen it and Kenny hadn't. I forgot how completely ridiculous that movie is. Also how completely awesome.

However it has created a need in me to watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I really like that movie a lot, its also been many years since I've seen that - Kenny has also not seen it before. I wonder if I can get him to watch it tomorrow with me? Probably not, he'll be "Robin Hooded" out.

We also went on a walk to the store earlier today with Rylee. It's been a long while since we made that trek. It's a bit of a walk from our apartment, and we've never gone with Rylee before today. She was such a good sport and slept a good portion of the walk.

It's probably a huge character flaw of mine but I feel SO badly when I have to tell my husband that we can't afford to buy a game he wants. Yes, he's like a little kid sometimes! No, He doesn't whine at all, just kid like in his love for video games. He's been waiting for this one for so long and we need to wait a couple more weeks to do it. We've had some rough weeks with his paychecks so we're still trying to recover from that.

Seriously, though - I often feel as though it's "my fault" he can't have a game. I'll think to myself well, if we don't buy this or if I take that thing back or.... then we can get it. I feel like we don't do much extra in life that he should be able to have whatever it is. I know he doesn't think its my fault or anything - I just feel that way. Seriously something I should get over now. I'm going to get into trouble with Rylee one of these days soon.

I like to get things for Kenny and Rylee over my own stupid wants or even needs. I'll have something in my hands that "it only costs $5, should I get it?..... noooo. I'll put it back, I can get Kenny this other thing for $10 instead!" Gosh I'm a pathetic sucker!

Although today I did some "me" stuff - I took scissors to my hair and think what I did is my best self attempt yet! Only proving to myself I should not pay for haircuts for myself! haha. Did some serious trimming back of the overgrown eyebrows. I really should keep up on those more frequently, I'm sure I'd like it better. I just played and had fun with my family today!

We left the house before we'd even eaten this morning to go to a "free stuff sale" at a local computer store. Turned out to be totally worth it, you never know at those things. Kenny picked up some stuff to plug into a few different computers for friends/family. We even got a junker keyboard for Rylee to bang on. She tries for our good working ones all the time and we'd just rather she didn't do that, ya know?

It's been a huge "hit" today, lots of love to that thing! Also - while we were out we indulged in coffee and Rylee was trying for all she was worth to get a hold of my frappuccino. Now, I share most everything with her - EXCEPT - coffee. I have no idea why she was so bent on getting it. I finished it off and gave her the cup afterward and she looooved that thing! Goofy kid.

I also totally scored this toy for her yesterday:

The toy taking up the middle of our living room is supposed to be the center of attention in this case, not the fact she's more interested in the keyboard we got her today. It retails on Amazon for $180-200 and I got it for $12!!! I wasn't sure if it was worth it before I purchased it. I had a hard time deciding but she really liked it, so I did. Now just how much it retails for makes it completely worth it in my mind, hahaha! I only really paid $4 and change for it because I had "in store credit" where I was at.

All in all a pretty great weekend so far!


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