Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early Morning Thoughts

I have long avoided watching the movie Steel Magnolias for a couple reasons.

One being that it just sounded too chick-flick-y for me. I don't like most chick flick movies at all.
Second being that I have heard from far too many people about the way in which it portrays Type 1 Diabetes.

People have reminded me time and time again about this movie by condescendingly informing me that I am being irresponsible by having a baby because its dangerous and I am being selfish and only thinking of myself, not my husband or child.

Excuse me? Did I ask your opinion in the first place? When did you become a medical professional from watching a movie? And just what exactly do you think I am going to do? I am already pregnant/she's already born.

Something people fail to use their brains and think about is that the movie was produced in 1989. We're now 20 years later. Do you think things may have changed medically? I do. Most medical things change in 20 years.

This whole thing intrigues me, having been apart of many discussions recently on the Duggar family, after they announced they are expecting their 19th child. There is a lot of controversy over whether they have "too" many kids or not. I'm not going to delve too deeply into that here, MckMama wrote a fantastic post on it the other day that I totally and completely agree with, so you can read that here if you really want to get into that.

Really, though, who are we to judge other peoples' decisions? I am not without sin on this topic. I have definitely judged my little brother who is expecting a little one with his girlfriend in March. I feel it was a stupid thing for them to do being as neither of them have jobs and a litany of other things.

I think that if the Duggar family feel like they are capable - then good for them! I am not a member of their family so I do not know how things "really" are inside. They seem quite well adjusted and love each other greatly. Other than that, I don't know much more and that's okay. Just like no one knows what goes on in my husband and my personal child-rearing that I don't talk about.

Others argue that she is being irresponsible to her current family and that she is jeopardizing being there for them when they need her. I think that She has probably already thought of that. I feel fairly confident in saying that most mothers think of their children above all else and want to be there for them.

Along those same lines I have been told I am an irresponsible individual for choosing to bring my baby into the world knowing my "condition." What is my condition? Where is there stamped on my body a date that says I expire? I haven't seen one, and neither has my Husband.

First of all I don't believe in abortion, and that is another topic of its own. So finding out I was pregnant sealed the deal. Secondly - why are you even telling me how irresponsible I "was" if it already happened? I have this beautiful little girl here - just what would you have me to do with her? Should I "send her back"?

Its just not up to us to make those decisions for other adults that may or may not have already made those decisions for themselves.

For the record, for those who have seen the movie, Type 1 diabetes is handled MUCH differently now than it ever was. I had a "perfect" pregnancy and no, my kidneys were not damaged in the least bit. I am in great health, for being a new and completely exhausted mother, and am proud of it.

I am proud of my husband and proud of my pregnancy and my 9pound wonder girl. I feel it is wrong to assign motives to anyone. Though, I am still guilty of doing that- I am challenging myself to steer away from it.


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