Saturday, September 12, 2009

When all else fails, Blog!


haha. Last night we went to our local county fair. I love it, more for sentimental reasons than any - but isn't that why most people go? To relive their childhood, or at least thats what they think, ha.

We had fun. Kenny raced remote control race cars and won. We bought local honey. I got a Henna tattoo for the first time. We looked at arts and crafts and decided Kenny's sister should enter her stuff - because they are by far cooler than most things entered, and I should enter photos I've taken of Rylee.

Poor Kenny was getting filled with allergies, though, so he was not much fun anymore - though he did his best. I was quite proud, he hates being at the fair. He hates crowds of people - especially in a dirty kind of place. haha. He did good though and I enjoyed our time there.

Of course, all that doesn't matter too much to me now with my phone having been stolen while we were there. Kenny says thats another reason why he hates the fair, because things like that happen. I've been going there all my life, though, and have never had anything like that happen.

I was hoping that MAYBE it was turned in - because when we looked at our account online last night there had been NO calls made from it from the last time I did at 6:30pm. In looking at the account again this morning, though there had been calls made from it.

We called t-mobile on Kenny's phone right away and suspended mine. I'm really irked. For many reasons.

  • 1. Why would you steal a phone from a person with her husband and daughter in the stroller?
  • 2. Why would you take a phone that is obviously a "necessity"? It's not some teenagers with pictures of her friends taking self-portraits on it. It has pictures of my daughter - which I happen to want, thank you VERY much for making those impossible to get back.
  • 3. Why would you have waited until this morning to use my phone?
  • 4. WHY further a "life of crime"? You used my phone to call a *Bail Bonds* place - a Stolen Phone to call a bail bonds place. Really?
  • 5. I REALLY hope that they at least have the courtesy to erase my phone book. I'll feel just awful if they called people in my phone book.
...I could go on. I was trying so hard to stay upbeat and cool about it. Thinking maybe someone turned it in. MAYBE the person "found it" used it to make a couple personal calls then turned it in. No. Not at all. Its not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But now we've gotta get me a new phone. Our "upgrade" is supposed to be *next month*. T-mobile is cool enough that they're letting us get it a month earlier (they should be, we've been with them nearly 5 years!). BUT, we were saving our money to get "cool" phones mid-next month. I'm supposed to be paying off a debt that I HAVE to get rid of this month -next week to be exact - which is all the money we would be pouring into these phones.

Seriously. What next? It seems like things can't run smoothly ever. Not for more than a day. A few un-crazy months, please. That's all I ask. hahaha.


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