Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When the Cat is away the Mouse will....


Evidently! When we moved into our apartment before Rylee was born we pretty much shoved EVERYTHING we could into our second bedroom that was going to be Rylee's. I worked to get things put away as much as I could with what little energy I had. Theeeen the Baby Showers happened. That room got filled back up with ALL sorts of baby things. By the time she was born It was kinda set up. 1/2 filled with our junk from moving in and the other 1/2 with baby stuff I didn't have a place for.

My kitchen has also been a source of grief for me as well. I hate clutter and the kitchen table is always a clutter-creator it seems. The filing cabinet that sat next to the kitchen table also seemed to create clutter.

Well, I had enough of it finally! Heehee. Having moved Rylee's crib into our bedroom with us many months ago I decided she'll just stay in there with us for now, eventually she'll get that second room - if we don't move first. That second room is going to be my craft room/Kenny's computer crap room. I hate when he wants to work on a silly computer project and we have to go tearing the house apart to find whatever it is he's looking for. Now it will all be in one place.

That is still a work in progress - getting that all set up right. BUT - I got it CLEAN! The first pictures are my Kitchen table area before and after. This could only look that way after cleaning out the bedroom, though. Which was a MUCH greater feat.

This room has been the bane of my existence for nearly a year now. The first picture is awful. It's what it has been for quite awhile and I kept the door closed so I wouldn't have to look at it! heehee.

Now, There is still a bit of "clutter" stacked on top of that desk - but its organized clutter! Making SO much more sense to life and once I get a couple other storage type things those will all have a proper place as well.

I am SO pleased with it I just like to go stand in the middle of that echo-y room. Haha. Yeah, I'm retarded. My house is clean now, though!! I feel much better about my existence in life!


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