Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After an amazing meeting of minds between my husband and I last night - my sweet child is being a terror this morning.

What began as a wonderful day turned into a nasty long one. We went out to lunch with my brother and his girlfriend and that was awesome. Old Country Buffet, only the 2nd time I had ever been there - it was fantastic and Rylee was perfectly content nearly the entire time eating up whatever I gave her. Quite a lot of fun.

Afterward we walked down along the strip mall, Kenny and my Brother went into Guitar Center and I went into this clothing store with my brothers girlfriend, A. After a little bit Kenny called me and was asking about purchasing something he found that he'd been wanting. It was an incredibly good deal. So that got us to talking.

We had just purchased new phones. Mine got stolen a couple weeks ago and we were due for our upgrade so we got new phones. The only catch is that we got expensive ones this time AND Kenny's phone required internet to be purchased on the plan at the same time. We worked out a payment plan with T-Mobile and it was going to be fine, so we thought.

I was okay with it, things were going to be really tight. Kenny's not been getting his full 40 hours a week so the paychecks have been light - but I figured the phone made him happy so it was worth it.

It came up yesterday that he was not entirely happy with the phone, it wasn't what he really thought it was and was thinking it may not have been worth it. It was making him feel a little ill just to use it knowing how much more a month it was costing, among other things.

Five hours later he came to the conclusion that he wanted to return the phone. At this point it was me who was in complete distress over the money situation. I felt like everything was my fault and that we should have just not gotten phones in the first place and I shouldn't have.... on and on.

I was certain we'd return both phones and that'd be the end of it. Kenny decided that we'd keep mine, because I like it and it was my phone that was stolen, mine really isn't costing an extra fee or anything - and he liked his old phone and it still worked fine.

After that we were feeling better about life for about 45 minutes. Heehee. Then a whole new conversation of money started. It went on for awhile, ended with crying on my part and a whole lot of serious emotion being put into what we were saying - BUT - we finally understood a few things that have been issues between us since we were married.

I'm so thankful we finallly got that out and understand things MUCH better than ever before.

Of course, Satan isn't happy with that so causing strife through our daughter this morning - we were NOT in good moods.

It's so hard to me - I KNOW when Satan is trying to kill what just happened in our marriage. He doesn't want us to become a stronger couple, especially a strong Christian couple. I know that he will bring whatever to stop what just happened. Although I know this I still have a hard time just letting some of those things roll off of me. Something I seriously need to work on.

For the moment, though. I am going to be content in our life and my husband and our Savior.


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