Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back.

I'm getting quite frustrated with that pattern of life. I have to remember that God is in control, and try and give it up to him.

I needed prescriptions written a couple weeks ago so that when I needed them I could fill them. I did NOT give the authorization to have them filled, though! I'm SO frustrated with figuring out new insurance companies. So, I'm getting prescriptions mailed to me now that cost more than I was prepared to pay for (or even can!) AND I don't even need yet! I just wanted them on hand for when I DO need them. I hate jumping through the hoops - even when I do I seem to get screwed.

As my luck goes, it's "re-enrollment" time at Kenny's Work for health insurance. Rates are going up for prescriptions and premiums. We have a choice between 2 different insurance plans and I cannot see a clear difference between the two.

Our Car insurance company screwed us over this month as well - evidently USPS didn't deliver an important paper to them so our rates went up A LOT. I got that changed today but I'm not sure it'll go through before it is supposed to get withdrawn!

I'm so done with all this. Stupid crap. Bad timing. Stupid incompetent people.

I'm going stir crazy at home without Kenny. I like when I've got a couple minutes to myself when he plays with Rylee after getting home. I'm really excited to go into work tomorrow. Get out of the house. Have other human interaction. It'll be great. If I could only pin down this constant influx of money issues - everything would be great!!!!!


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