Sunday, September 27, 2009


I find it very easy to get frustrated with my daughter when I try to help her - but she "rebels" (as much as a 9month old can) against it. Then I force myself to sit back and come to the realization that she doesn't know that what I am doing will help her with whatever is already bothering her. At that point I'll have compassion and will no longer have thoughts like:

"You stupid kid! Just hold still so I can give you some medicine!"

Instead I'll feel sorry for her:

"You poor girl, I'm sorry you don't feel good and don't know that this medicine will help you feel better."

I wish my thoughts went to the more compassionate way easier than they do. I force myself to think this way, I hope that one day it'll become more habitual.


My dear sisters birthday is this Thursday. We're throwing a party for her on Saturday. She'll be ****Sixteen****!!! I cannot believe MY little sister is going to be 16. She requested I make her cake for her - specifically a fondant cake. No biggie. I decided that it'll be a white base with black geometrical shapes. Now, the cake on the other hand - when you cut into it, it'll look something like this:

I got this lovely idea from MckMama after her party the other day. I had to try it out today, though, before actually committing to it. I think it's gonna look pretty sweet and'll be a lot of fun in the somewhat irony of black and white bursting into a rainbow. ...I'm a nerd.


~Suzanne~ said...

Hi there stranger!! Thanks for you kinds words... we are so very excited!!! I can't believe this is really happening, haha! Any words of advice??? :)

Stacie said...

Wow, you're going to have to tell me how to do that. I love it.

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