Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better better better.

After my little meltdown last week things have been much better. Kenny and I talked. It was a good talk.

Sometimes I wonder if God allows things to happen to our family members to get us (or whoever it may be) talking. My brother's Girl-Friend was in the hospital over the weekend and finally got home yesterday. The baby is trying to make his entrance into the world a little too soon, so she's now on strict bed-rest and has been given several steroid shots to help his lungs mature faster. She's doing good, though, I think. Heehee.

The maternity wards at our local hospitals will not allow ANYONE under 18 on the floor unless they belong to the Mother AND have had the H1N1 shot 2 weeks prior. So, Rylee and I had to stay away. I think it's a stupid rule, but we must abide by the "laws" of the hospital. I think the whole "scare" surrounding H1N1 is completely blown out of proportion, but that's another post I'm not going to delve into right now.

Kenny and I both agreed that our discontentment in our current situation is a Holy Discontentment, so we're moving forward. We made a commitment to get our butts back to church every week. Fact of the matter is, if it's important to us we'll make time for it - so we're making time for Church rather than sleep again.

We're holding off on a house for now. That was a hard decision to make, but it's the right one. We're looking at cheaper places to live, possibly even moving in with parents so we can save more money to put a bigger down payment on a house, pay for all associated moving/buying costs and still be able to afford the house in the end. We weren't quite prepared for all the "hidden" costs of buying a house - so now armed with that knowledge we're going to wait and save.

This year is shaping up to be a big, and very fun one. My best friend gets married in 2 months, I've got a lot to do for her (though I'm not sure what!) as she's now living 6 hours away from where she's getting married. Ha! My lovely Sister-In-Law is getting married in a few months as well. My Little Brother is having a baby anytime from now to 2 months from now. Kenny will probably be going back to school FOR SURE in the Fall (haha, 'probably' and 'for sure' in the same sentence.).

We decided that I should pursue making cakes and photography. We're going to get me a DSLR camera in a couple months, and Kenny the parts to build him the computer he'll use for school. Hopefully between all that I'll be able to make some extra cash to make the difference in Kenny's work with school and maybe, just maybe, enough to save for a house! haha!

In other news, Rylee is just growing like a weed!

Teething like crazy. She's gotten 4 teeth the last couple weeks, and having them try to finish shoving their way out is making her miserable.

But she's a doll, and a very good baby, despite all the fits she has just learned to throw! She throws fits like my little brother used to do, those were legendary. Ha! So, we're working with her own those pretty hard.


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