Sunday, January 24, 2010

This was just the weekend I needed!

What started with Rylee Projectile Puking on Friday night turned into quite a nasty weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up Rylee still wasn't feeling 100% right away, poor girl. I noted that I was feeling just the faintest bit nauseous but nothing crazy. I went about our morning making breakfast, cleaning up, getting showers and giving cuddles to the still slightly under the weather baby.

I start to feel a little worse, but really need to go to the store, which gets delayed by other little things constantly coming up. My blood sugar is 224. Finally when I'm able to go I don't feel well at all and decide to abandon my trip to the store - who needs baby wipes when you're down to 4 anyway?

The rest of my day is spent on the couch. I felt TERRIBLE. My blood sugar is 214. I haven't felt that bad since 2004 when I was in serious DKA after being sick for several days and the batteries in my meter were bad so I wasn't able to treat my blood sugars properly.

I only ate breakfast yesterday. I couldn't keep anything down. Even a sip of water had me dry heaving and then crying. Rylee constantly wanted to cuddle with me on the couch but she wanted to move around all the time - something I was not feeling up to dealing with. Poor baby didn't understand and I felt awful I couldn't do anything for her without running back to the toilet.

Finally got Rylee to bed with Kenny's help. I slept on the couch the rest of the night. It was while I was laying there writhing that it occurred to me my blood sugar wouldn't budge below 200 and I hadn't been able to keep even a sip of water down. Crap. I was going to be making a trip to Urgent Care in the morning to get some fluids pumped into me to get my sugars down and then hopefully get over this stupid stomach bug.

Fortunately one last dry heave middle of the night episode seemed to be the last of the worst. I was finally able to sleep and woke up feeling 100x better this morning. Though still queasy I am quite happy to take that over what I was dealing with yesterday. Quite pleased to be able to keep fluids and some toast down, and able to give my baby attention again. Quite pleased that no urgent care visit was going to be needed. My blood sugar has still hovered in the low 200's today but I'm okay with that. Actually really okay. I was so terrified of crashing into nasty lows because I wouldn't be able to treat the lows- then I'd really be going to the Urgent Care.

Kenny was a total Dear last night. Put Rylee to bed after she fell asleep with me. Went in for her when she woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Laid her back down. She woke up again, he brought her to bed with him! He cuddled her when she woke up crying "mama!mama!mama!" She wasn't feeling her best yet either.

We're both much better today, not fantastic but definitely on the mend! This little adventure was NOT in my plans for the weekend! I was hoping to maybe go on a date with Kenny. Get some photography in of my brothers girlfriend. Play with Rylee outside in the beautiful weather we've been having. Well, maybe in the next couple days. Now I have to focus on what I'm going to do for a baby shower cake I'm making for this coming weekend, which hopefully will got like a normal weekend!


Jessi said...

Yikes! I hate when that happens. We usually get one good bug like that a year and it's horrible.

I'm glad everyone is starting to feel better. What a good husband taking care of the baby like that :)

Here's to a normal week!

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