Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to Self:

Make sure to eat food when you're working on big projects. Not eating leads to not thinking very well and low blood sugars at the most in-opportune times.

Make sure to drink liquids when you're working on big projects. Not drinking leads to a serious fuzzy-minded-me on top of the already fuzzy-minded-hungry-me.

Remembering to do these things will help you remember to:

A. NEVER EVER Drink the baby shower punch!! It is NEVER sugar free or made with diet soda.

B. Remember to ALWAYS bring your own drink to a baby shower! They don't think to serve something as simple as water.

C. By remembering to eat and drink during your big projects you won't feel the need to binge eat/drink whatever you can get your hands on.

D. NEVER EVER EVER try something new and untested the night before deadline. Ever.


I Spent my day at work yesterday to run from that to my parents' house to finish working on a baby shower cake for today. Not just any baby shower cake, though. It was the biggest cake I have ever made. It was for my soon to come baby Nephew.

I have done so much this week preparing for last night. Little steps all along the week to make the actual putting together of the cake go as smoothly as possible.

Last minute I decided to try a new technique for this cake. Mistake #1. That one mistake snowballed into me not getting home until 4:30 and getting into bed and falling asleep until 5am after getting Rylee back to sleep.

It's 6pm here now and just barely 13 hours since I fell asleep and it's been 9 hours I've been on my feet and busy today.

I am exhausted. I am irritated. I am enjoying sitting on my butt typing this out. I wish Rylee would stay asleep until we get up for Church tomorrow so I can sleep from now until church tomorrow. I'm keeping myself from napping, though, because I won't sleep well tonight if I do. And Murphy's law makes it so that as soon as I start drifting off to sleep in my nap Rylee's nap will end. So, I just stave that off by not napping.

My camera quit working last night so I don't have my pictures of my Cake. My mom has them on her camera. I'm really bummed I can't be sitting here right now fiddling, editing and sharing. Soon, though, I will.

I'm going to end this for now so I can stop looking like a complete idiot on here and continue my looking and behaving like an idiot back in my real world.


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