Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playing around in the Kitchen! ....and with my Camera

I was really intrigued with the idea of Fondant Cakes several months ago when someone on another website did one - I thought to myself "I can do that!!!" because I'm just that Vain. So, I tried. My first attempt REALLY sucked. It was just plain nasty. I had NONE of the right tools: Rolling Pin, Mixer, proper cutting devices.... Well, I've been collecting those, acquiring most of them at Christmas thanks to my wonderful family!

So, I finally did another one, after Rylee's birthday with all my cool new tools! I'm VERY pleased with how it turned out. I hope I can do these for my own fun for people I know (or don't know!). I'm excited to make one for my Best Friend, because I'm her Maid of Honor so I get to throw her Bridal Shower - Which means I can make the cake if I want to! Muwahahaha!

Anyhow.... now to the pictures....


Jessi said...

That is so cute! You did awesome!

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