Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Colors!

I got Rylee her first set of markers yesterday. I was at a Candle Party last weekend and the Lady putting the party on gave Rylee a pen and paper to play with. I was a little irritated because that was the day Kenny and I had decided to no longer just give Rylee pens to play with (with the lid on) because we didn't want her hurting herself or drawing on things as soon as she figured out how to get the lid off.

Sooooo I decided to get her her own set of markers that were just for her. She LOVED them. Spent a good long time playing with them last night - in her highchair. I'm not quite ready for a huge mess!
Eating markers and coloring at the same time, so talented.

She already got my fridge. First day and already got my fridge.

Lots of fun for our 1 year old. Hopefully many more days of this to come!

I'm trying to spend more time actually spending time WITH my baby. She's such a smart little cookie. I found her playing with my broom I had leaned in the corner and she accidentally got that "top" off that you can hang your broom on a hook with (you know what I'm talking about?) - she was sitting on the floor very intently trying to get that top back on. When she realized I was watching she held both the broom and the hook up to me so I could fix it for her.

I'm starting to work with the little missy and her letter recognition. I don't expect much out of it at this point, but I figure it can't hurt to start now. She loves it when we read together, especially Dr.Seuss.

I think I'm liking this new chapter I'm turning over in life. Now.... to bed!


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