Tuesday, January 19, 2010


God is teaching us contentment.

As a result of all my self-inspecting and Kenny's and my many "serious" conversations this last week I came to a turning point in my life.

Nothing huge, but just changing little things: Not being on facebook for 1/2 of my day, not letting Rylee eat wherever she wants in the house. I realized she is now at an age where she's really learning things very quickly. I decided that I wanted to cut out all the stupid things in our lives to commit to more meaningful things.

I've been teaching Rylee to color, took her to a play ground to really play for the first time today, and I've been reading to her. Lots of reading. I had this awesome bible as a small child and I wanted to give Rylee one of her own (as mine was thoroughly used and abused). Our Church had that bible and I was so happy. My Mom bought it for her and I've been reading out of it to her every day. This morning I sat down at our kitchen table while she was eating in her highchair and I decided that would be a good time to maybe read with her. I did then picked up my own bible and read the same passage for my own enrichment. I think I'll be going through the whole bible with my 1 year old, in hers and mine. Haha!

I feel so refreshed to be finally forcing myself back to this place of a love for my Savior, a love for knowledge and understanding.

Of course, that doesn't come without trials. An increase in trials, I find.

As I was going over our budget for the next month today I was nearly giddy with the realization we weren't going to be strapped for cash like usual. Not because I wanted to spend it all, I just like not being under $20 in our bank account after paying for necessities.

On Kenny's way home today from one of his many out of town trips he got a speeding ticket. It's his first "real" ticket. He got one as a teenager but he got it deferred at the time and it was never put on his record. He was, and is, so beside himself because of it. A major hit to our bank account this next month as well, so we're not really as well off as I had thought, anymore. Ha!

I knew it was bound to happen with how much driving he always does. I respect him and did my best to show him my support and respect, but he was still so upset he curled up on the couch at 7, fell asleep before 8 and is still there.

God is teaching us to be content no matter what. Whether we have extra money in our account (so I can maybe refill my prescriptions, it looks like I'll be going back to shots for a month!) or whether we have nothing in our account. Whether we have clean or dirty carpet. Whether we live in an apartment or a home of our own. Whether we like the job we're at or not. Just to be content in every situation.

Crunching numbers again tonight after that I realized that something will inevitably go unpaid for a couple days because of the timing of this ticket, and God spoke to my heart telling me to sit back and trust in him for a little while. So, that is what I'll do, what we'll do.

It feels so great to give it all to Him who loves and provides unconditionally. Being Content in every situation, my challenge.


Jessi said...

I think it's awesome. You can get so caught up in things that you forget what life is really about. I know, I've done it. I think a lot of people do.

It takes a lot of courage to realize that you're not spending your time as best as you could. I think it's awesome that you've reached this milestone. A lot of people haven't, and probably never will.

You're doing awesome. Don't worry about the speeding ticket. We had an exact same situation when our daughter was just born. My husband got a speeding ticket and we were living with JUST enough to pay for bills but it's okay, it will be okay and everything will be fine!

And I know you know this :)

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