Monday, January 18, 2010

Stupidity doesn't win

I love 3 day weekends. So relaxing and enjoyable. Kenny's job is giving him MLK Day off this year and it's been a pretty sweet weekend thus far. Getting up for Church but not caring too much (like we normally do) about not having another day to sleep in because we still got tomorrow! Ha. We're such lazy bodies.

I'm feeling so exhausted lately. I think that I'm Iron Deficient yet again. Dang Genetics! My Mom is usually Anemic, my littlest brother was just diagnosed as such and it always comes back to bite me as well. I always have to rule out my blood sugar control first as a possible reason of being so tired - maybe I'm high or low in the middle of the night or something - but that's not been the problem.

I am horrible with pills and taking the consistently. Which I actually find quite amusing, being diabetic and needing to remember to take insulin many times throughout the day. "Back in the day" When I was on the 2-shot-a-day or 3-shot-a-day regimens I still had trouble remembering to take a dang multivitamin! I forgot more times that I will admit to with my prenatal vitamins. It's a wonder I wasn't worse off than my one incident of passing out in the hospital. I've never had my blood checked since then and I was dangerously low at that point. It wouldn't surprise me if it's never really come out of that since I do NOT eat a balanced diet with lots of proteins and other iron rich food in it.

It's just finally catching up with me. We had a good long restful vacation. Rylee is sleeping well through the night. It's just ridiculous for me to be this exhausted. Guess I really gotta keep up on those vitamins! Maybe I'll get a protein supplment that actually tastes good or something so I'll remember to take it!

Anyways. My vitamin deficient sleep deprived self needs to get off here now!


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