Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scrapes, Scratches and Puke

Yesterday Rylee had her first major run-in with Concrete. I tried real hard to get a picture but she was not in the mood to allow a decent shot to show the full extent of the damage done. Skinned up her nose real nicely. One of those very sad, yet humorous things for a parent to watch. New found freedom in the outdoors after many months of very wet, very cold days, she's running along and trips - as toddlers do innumerable times through the day. She puts her hands out to catch her, as usual, but the momentum she had built up carried her straight through onto her face.

Poor baby was gun shy the rest of the day from going anywhere on that darn cement. Of course she was back at it today.

Today is another story, though.

She slept in late. When she got up she just wanted to be held. I tried to give her breakfast but she wouldn't touch a SINGLE THING I gave her. She chose to just sit there in her highchair for 20 minutes with a lot of different food choices in front of her and didn't touch any of them.

I passed it off, sometimes she does this because she's just not ready to eat yet. She finally snacked on some french fries and chicken nuggets later then a few cheese-its through the rest of the day, while I worked away and my mom watched her.

It was a looooong day at the office. Things were going great until just ONE silly little thing had to go wrong, of course, and then it snowballed from there - making a job that we were going to be done with at 2pm not be done until nearly 6pm.

Anyway, once we got home Rylee was happy to play, though she was quite clingy for me - which she had been all day. She really didn't want to be with anyone but me. She tolerated other people but wanted me. She didn't even want to sit with Kenny tonight. She ate some pizza then took a nap with us on the couch. Which she fought so hard - Kenny wanted to lay with her and nap with her but she didn't want it. We compromised and she sorta got to lay with both of us.

When she got up a little while later she just wanted to sit with me still. She didn't get off the couch to play. She didn't have any toys in her hands to play with. Just laid her head in my lap and sat up from time to time. I got up for something and when I came back she projectile puked allllllllll over my legs as I was standing in front of her. She kept puking after that.

I hate puke. HATE. I made a deal with Kenny that I'd do all the dirty diapers if he cleaned up the puke. Guess what didn't happen tonight? Yep, I cleaned up that puke.

He did give her a bath, though. There really is only so much you can do at a time with a puking baby, though, so he bathed her and I cleaned it up - gagging most of the way.

After that she just wanted to sit with me again. Sit she did until she fell asleep for the night, with sips of gatorade in between cuddles.

Our little girl has her first stomach flu. Her first major scrape on her body. Toddler-hood isn't treating her so well these couple of days. I hope she's feeling better in the morning. It's making it hard for me to sleep tonight, though, knowing she doesn't feel good.

With that I'm going to try and get a little rest.


Jessi said...

it's so hard to see our little ones sick like that. especially awful stomach viruses!

hope she's better asap, poor baby girl!

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