Friday, February 5, 2010


Kenny is such a Sweetheart. He had a giftcard to Best Buy and went there while I was at work today. He brought me home the Star Trek Trilogy! ...being the Trekkie I am it's not really a Trilogy, there are 6 'original' movies - and the 1st one isn't even in the Trilogy. Haha. Anyways, I'm sure you didn't want to know that, and I'm not sure I wanted to expose that secret part of my life like that either.

I can't freaking get over how completely awful the Pharmacy is treating me. Not only did they not ship out my prescriptions 2 days ago - finally shipping them today - the didn't overnight them to me like Kenny forcefully told them they needed to. They have jerked me around for 5 months now, forcing me to completely use up my back up supply of infusion sets. Forcing me to now be on my last one. AND I'm screwed for good blood sugars the next couple days.

I'm going to need to make my Infusion set last until Tuesday, when it goes bad before then I'll need to do shots for a couple days and then back to my pump - just a nasty recipe for disaster.

Grr. Bed time.


Jessi said...

That's not good at all. If the pharmacy is treating you this way it's time to go to another. I would file a complaint with the manager. This is your health they're messing with it's ridiculous! Makes me pissed for you :(.

Feel better asap.

Samantha said...

hiya, i found your blog through SUM and followed you - i keep my own blog at!

Pharmacies eh? If you can file a complaint as that sort of treatment is not on at all. I'm still waiting on blood ketone strips that i ordered two months ago :(

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