Friday, February 19, 2010

One of those days

You know those days?

Those days where:

You realize you looked like an idiot when you went running yesterday because you wore your really nice earrings and necklace with your running outfit.

Your playing with your child then just fall over into a wall because you tripped over your pj pants that are too long for you (no matter what) because you're only 5 feet tall.

You forget to put money in the meter when you're downtown for an hour and a half - panic when you realize how dumb you are. Then thank God when there is no ticket (even though the parking ticket police have been awful all day).

Your daughter loses her shoe somewhere in wal-mart and you didn't even realize it until a nice mom points it out to you at the check stand. ...then you go looking everywhere for it (and you have no idea where you lost it. How could you be so un-observant) and still don't find it.

You didn't realize that your daughter has a huge cherry colored goose-egg on her forehead from where she hit it on the ground while throwing a fit earlier until 5 hours later.

Your land-lord suddenly changes the renters agreement that has been in place for the last 3 years - and you've relied up on it because of when you get paid during the month - now you don't know how you're going to handle it.

You get told if you lose weight you won't have to use an insulin pump any more by a random person in the grocery store. You might normally laugh but since you've been gaining weight recently it hits a sore spot.

You are trying to do the right thing and say what has been on your mind for months - and it just gets a dear friend flat out angry with you. ...but helps the other person.

You've been having stomach problems for the better part of a year and it acts up on a day that is already full of other things.

You feel guilty for missing your husband when he's out on a Poker night - and he never ever goes to things like that.

...yeah it's been one of those days. Much like this song by the ever so awesome Supertones


MaryElizabeth said...

=( I bet it made you feel better to blog about it all though! I hate days where nothing goes right.

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