Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Won't it stop already!?

I'm SO frustrated I could cry.

I've posted back and forth about my battles with our stupid ::insert expletive here:: insurance company. I was so fed up with them in November that I said "screw it!!!" and didn't order because they were once again telling me that they will NOT cover the Infusion Sets that I needed (after they told me they did...).

Of course that was the wrong response because I knew I was running very low on my back up supplies (down to my last box) and I'd be lucky to make them last through January - but I did.

Tonight I checked online to see what the status of the order I FINALLY got put through on Friday after a 4 way conference call with 3 different divisions of the Caremark prescription company and myself. I NEED those to ship out because, like I said, I only had one left. I found that the order had **3** different items in it! What the heck!? I only wanted my INFUSION SETS! NOTHING ELSE. I don't want to get charged $150 for crap I didn't order!!

How many people does it take to get the freaking order RIGHT!? It's been 5 months now!!!! 5 Months of dealing with stupid incompetent idiots who can't figure out something SO SIMPLE!

I'm so frustrated I could cry.

I called them and got it taken care of, or... ...I hope I did. Of course they can figure out how to screw it up again. They always do and I wouldn't put it past them. That put me over the top, though.

I've got a raging gum infection. I've needed SERIOUS dental work done since last May but we couldn't pay for it at all. Now our dental plan/coverage changed this year so all the work (root canals, crowns...) is 100% covered. I just have to wait 3 more weeks. This DANG infection is causing havoc with my Blood Sugars. I've seen above 400 mg/dl more times today than I will admit. My most recent reading was that blasted "HI." I want to curse every time I see that, except, I do my best not to.

It's not a nice friendly meter saying "HI! I'm glad you came to check in with me!" Its cruel and sadistic. "HI! Your blood sugar is somewhere over the rainbow at 600+ something, and you probably should take some insulin for that and get it back down to something I can read."

I'm so frustrated I could cry.

I used my last Infusion Set tonight. In faith that my new ones would come to me sooner than I expect.

I've had my Insulin Pump running at +50% all day and it hasn't made a dent in my blood sugars. I just want to eat normal meals! I've got it running at +80% now to see if that'll make the necessary dent I need. Combined with the changed Infusion Set. I'm sure the last one was bad. I've been using them much longer than I should just so I could stretch them out this long.

I'm so frustrated I should cry. I want to cry. I won't cry. It won't help with my blood sugars.

I'm going to go pee for the gazillionth time today and go to bed.


Jenny said...

I am praying for you! Hope you have a better day today!

Tiffany said...

Aw, so sad. I am sorry and hope your day looks brighter.

Melanie said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while and just saw this post. What kind of pump do you have? I use a Minimed, and I have some Sure-T infusion sets I could send you until you get yours in the mail, if that works. I can't imagine how much it sucks to be about to run out of something like that. Let me know!

Layne said...

I've had my share of insurance nightmares and I know how hopeless and frustrating it can be. It royally SUX and I'm sorry your are having to deal with it. Not to mention those highs! It's so scary when my meter just reads "HI." I hate that! Please hang on and try to take care of yourself. Praying that the mail is speedy for you!

Bee said...

Thanks, Ladies.

Melanie, Thank you so much for your comment. I use an Animas Pump. I'm not sure if the Sure T's will work with it. I know that the Quicksets will, though, because that's what I'm being forced to switch to. My doctors office told me today that they could get me an extra one or two if it came to that. Thanks so much for the offer, though!

Thanks, Layne. It makes me dizzy just to see that "HI" sometimes! I'm hoping the mail is speedy too. I don't stress out about these things all that often but last night I was *Stressed* today I'm coping. Thanks, Hon! I hope you're doing well at your new job!

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