Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random thoughts

It's been a great weekend for us so far. know, aside from all those negative things that felt like they just lined up to beat me in the face.

Friday we went and walked around downtown for awhile, looking at a camera shop, pricing out lenses, walked to the mall, got a pizza. Came back home (after rushing to the car because of the failure to put money in the meter), Kenny went to a poker night where he won back 3x as much as he went in with (it was a very small buy in, nothing big but still fun).

Today. ...Today was a crazy day. I've been up since 7:30 (on a Saturday!!) because of a lovely low blood sugar. I spent the morning checking out new housing.

Kenny is going back to school this fall for sure. His job will pay for his tuition up to 9 credits. It's really an amazing perk! The catch is that we have to foot the bill first off and he has to finish the classes with a 'C' or better before they will reimburse us the cost. He want to finish his Computer Science degree he started out doing a couple years ago but got sick of school and couldn't see an end in sight. Now he's ready to go back and it's a tangible thing! We're paying off our only remaining debt with our tax return, and will be able to actually handle the cost of the schooling without any student loans or anything like that.

The only really impractical things that have been stopping us have been:

- Gas and Driving. The college is an hour away and gas isn't cheap these days. We weren't sure how we were going to be able to afford that.

- Living. We weren't sure how just living was going to work out. Haha! With the added cost of gas, possible (probable) hours lost at work, and extra needs that will arise - we just didn't know how it was going to happen.

Searching around for weeks and especially today brought me to the realization that there was no real way to 'break even' and ensure we'd be able to make it month to month. We don't know how Kenny's hours will hold up - things have been up and down for the last year. Some weeks at 50 hours, other weeks at just barely 25. If he gets any less than 35 while working and going to school there'll be no real good way to make the bills.

So... after much discussion and deliberation... we made a decision. A huge decision. It's so crazy we both can't quite believe we're going to do it. Haha! It'll be great. It'll be different. And, Hopefully, if all works out we'll come out very much on top!

I'm going to leave it a mystery tonight! Just because I can!


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hey how did you post on your old url to tell people you moved? i moved too

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