Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Tuesday....

Tuesday went like this:

Rylee and I got started with our Morning, Kenny was on his way out of town for work. I was still a bit upset because I found out Monday that my prescriptions were not in fact coming Tuesday like I was told, but on Friday instead. I had to take out my infusion set Monday night because it had gone bad and I had no more, so on to my good ol' back up plan of Lantus and Novolog injections.

I was ticked at that because I woke up on the high side of where I like to be. But I was dealing. I had called my doctors office first thing Monday morning to ask I if I could come down and get extra Infusion Sets from them so I wouldn't have to do the Shot Limbo but they never called me back so I was stuck at that point.

While I was feeding my daughter breakfast I got a call from CVS.

"Hi, is this Bethany?"
"Yes, this is her"
"Hi ma'am, We at CVS are calling to inform you that the wrong prescriptions were sent out to you and we need to send you the correct ones."

I couldn't believe it.

After hanging up with this lady I was so distraught I sat down on the floor and cried. I'd had enough. It's been five months fighting with these people and they can never get it right. Even when we get the right numbers at the pharmacy and everything they still send out the wrong prescriptions because they are too incompetent to actually listen to the needs of the customers. I was on shots now and already having a hard time of it. My doctors office wasn't calling me back. I was going to have to wait another week to get the right prescriptions, in the mean time I was going to be charged for 2 orders and I only wanted one. I felt like the world was completely against me and I just sat down and cried.

Kenny called me amidst my crying and I couldn't hide it from him. Fortunately. He took matters in to his hands and pulled over on the side of the road, while he was on his way out of town for work, and called CVS.

He spent an hour on the phone with them and got it resolved to where if my doctors office called in the prescription right away with these new numbers that CVS needed to hear they would overnight the package to me - they would even wave the processing time they force (which is between 4-10 days).

I drove right away down to my doctors office so I could skip all the not calling back drama. Turned out my doctor and her nurse were out of the office that day but would be back the next. Absolutely nothing I could do about it, so I left a note that it was urgent they called me the next morning. The nurses that were there gave me extra infusion sets so I would no longer going to need to be on shots until my own came in the mail.

The prescriptions were called in yesterday by my nurse and she even had issues with CVS. They told her over and over that I wasn't in their system! I had already explained to her how many issues I had had with that damn company that she was forceful with them too and they finally 'found me.'

My prescriptions are supposed to be here this morning.

As per my Dad and Husband I am working on a full account of all these goings on and will be sending it into many news groups and 'big' people. This kind of behavior out of a company that directly effects a persons life is completely unacceptable.


Jessi said...

I don't even know how your husband managed to not strangle them through the phone. Geeze o fricken pete! I cannot believe that! Absolutely ridiculous!

I hope your infusion sets were here today.

And good for you for going to the media. Something needs to be done and done now. This is your health we're talking about here. Incompetent people ugh!

Jenny said...

It makes me want to sit down and cry with you! I can't imagine having to deal with such stupidity when it comes to my health. Stay strong...I am still praying for you. Hope you get exactly what you need very soon. Have a good weekend!

sweets said...

What a complete shocker!

I have somehow ended up with a draw full of pump supplies... My medical insurance runs their "prescription month" over 23 days - so I am able to fill mine every 23 days rather than once a month. I collect my insulin and strips from a local pharmacy, but have my pump supplies posted to me - this postal service sends me a refill every 23 days without fail, so over the past couple of years I have managed to stock up quite a bit... Hopefully I won't be changing pumps too soon!

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