Friday, April 17, 2009

Mysterious Car

Well, yet again today has been quite a long day - and still not over as I am obviously still awake - it's nearly midnight on Friday night, making it Saturday morning by the time I post this.

Last night my sweet husband Kenny and my totally awesome Father-in-law seemed to have my "new-to-me" car completely up and running and all we had to do was get it Emissioned and Licensed. Of course Kenny wouldn't let me drive "have it" until I cleaned it out - I was more than happy to oblige as I prefer to have my car cleaned out.

We get going to the Emission station after having it cleaned out beautifully, Kenny is VERY pleased with our choice for a new car. It drives well and feels all around a LOT safer than my current little Geo Metro (Anyone who knows about these cars or who has driven them knows they are a piece of crap that is only worth the point A to point B and fantastic gas mileage it gets). We arrive and it passes with flying colors! We're SO happy and now we're going to get the plates and tabs and make it mine.

Orrrrrrrrrrr not.

We start to pull out of the station and its running really crappy, when just moments before it had ran perfectly and passed the test. It dies. Kenny starts it back up and we continue on again. It dies. He starts it again and we keep going. It dies. This time it dies on a bridge - going up - and it will not start at all. Worst place to die. A kind man jumps to help Kenny push it up and then a really nice gal helps to tow us up over the bridge and at least gets us off the road.

Sweet Kenny is so frustrated, this is supposed to be the car that is more reliable for me and safer for me and it dies just moments after being perfectly fine. More frustrating is that he cannot figure out why it is not working this time and His totally awesome dad leaves work early to come tow us back to his shop and commence diagnosing the problem once again.

I could not help but laugh. It's really quite comical in a sick sort of way. My new and improved car is dead on the side of the road with nothing apparently wrong with it just moments after passing the test that says "I'm okay to drive!" Seriously.

After they both worked on it for hours more they decided that its one of only a couple things now, so we're heading back to their wonderful hospitable house for yet another day of hopeful work.

It been a long day, and shaping up to be another long one tomorrow. Its quite alright, though. I honestly love it when Kenny has his silly projects to work on. It seems to make him happy, and like he's doing something important and worthwhile. I try my hardest to make sure he feels like he is important and worthwhile - so when he finds something that'll do this for him I am more than happy to accomodate!

I feel it is very important to make sure to take care of our men. They need a wifes support and love and respect. They need to know that We will follow then to the end of the earth and support them in it - and then they'll conquer the world. I love it. I love him. I love to do this for him however I am able. I love to shower him with gifts and love and praise. I love to show him my support for his silly endeavors - even if I may find them humorus and laugh - I still love his crazy escapades.

Well, in honor of tomorrow being yet another work day - I'll wrap this up and try to get some very much needed sleep.

Go with God.



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