Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am a Victim

Of the 21st Century.

As I was returning home from running some errands for my dad and picking up a few groceries I found myself driving through my apartment complex and complaining - to myself - that I wasn't getting a good parking spot and would have to carry "all this stuff" (all this stuff being Munchkin in her car seat, the walker I had brought with me, the diaper bag, and a couple bags of groceries).

It occurred to me that I am quite spoiled and very much a kid of this generation. All about the instant gratification and "ease" of living. If I can't research, send, buy, pay... on the internet I don't like to do it quite so much - and am an expert procrastinator because of it. If I can do it from home I will. If I have to go out, I don't want to take care of whatever that thing may be.

Unless, of course, its instant gratification that I am after - then I'll go get it wherever it may be in town. That "have to have" item.

Its truely pathetic.

Also - being a kid of this generation - I am very visually stimulated. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE reading. I LOVE researching things as well - I'm always doing that in some way. But otherwise - if its an advertisement - I'll rate it based on how well it did at catching my eye and telling me what its about just by the visual part of it. If its one of the numerous forwards that make it into my inbox every day - I will NOT sit and read it unless it consists mainly of pictures. Even in my research I do much better with the pictures accompanying the words to ensure that I properly understand something - I can also recall things much quicker and much better if I have a picture of it in my head.

Yes, I have a "photographic" memory. If its a book - I'll be able to quote something for you by "seeing" the page in my head (of course that assumes the book was actually interesting enough for me to want to remember it).

Yep, I am a Visually stimulated, Procrastinating, Internet living, Instant Gratification Needing Child of this Age.


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