Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Week the Trend

Following the trend of my post yesterday...

Shortly after writing that I went out, helped my awesome father and through a crazy bit of circumstances I wound up spending 6 hours at the hospital with Kenny's mom and Aunt, she was having some heart problems and was getting a bunch of tests done to assess what the problem was.

I finally made my way home and step in the door around 9ish shortly followed by my mom coming to the door to return somethings that I had left at their house the other night we were there. It was quite an eventful and fun day, all in all. Of course I didn't end up getting the things I had needed to get done, but it was a great day.

I was able to spend some time with my dad, help him out and hopefully bless him a little, that's all I really hope to accomplish in my times at the office with him - I love to lighten peoples moods and spirits if it is at all possible. In the same manner I spent the rest of the day with another couple of wonderful ladies, sharing my baby with them and hopefully brightening their day as we sat at the hospital for quite awhile.

Several hours after I left they were finally able to leave with a diagnosis and some plan for medications, which, of course, was really great to hear.

So much for figuring out that balance thing, huh? haha! Ah well, I still love being able to do these things for people. I don't regret them, and usually if I really can't I will say "no." Oh, yes, I'll probably end up feel bad about it for a little while, but I will still know that it was better for me to not.

Okay, gotta wrap this up for now. But before I do I must mention that I have watched about 8 Stargate episodes today. ...oh yes, I am a very bad bad bad girl for spending so much time with the tv today. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have gotten things done in the meantime, but why am I trying to justify myself to the cyber world? Hmm, maybe its because I feel a teeny bit bad about it. ...maybe not. We'll see!


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