Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Changes

It amazes me how quickly babies change. When I form a new habit it usually lasts at least a month.

Whether that be getting up at 6am versus a previous norm of 7.

Exercising in the morning instead of in the evening (what, exercise? yes, I still attempt to do this with a 4 month old).

My almost insatiable need for chocolate or sugar cookies (its totally been sugar cookies lately, you know, the store bought ones with nifty shapes in the center - the most recent being easter themed, yuuuuum!).

- whatever it might be it usually lasts a month or longer.

With babies, though, they'll form a new habit and it will last all of 2 days up to a week, and then it will change all over again.

This week Rylee has insisted on waking me up at 5-6am every morning by kicking and whining and wanting to nurse but when I offer it to her she will get more frustrated and kick and fuss more until I have to become fully awake (instead of the barely conscious state) and attempt to wake her up enough so that she'll actually nurse. Grr.

It only frustrates me for the moment, though. After I have gotten her calmed down is okay again because I know that this won't last forever and it will, in fact, end all too soon. She will no longer be my baby, she'll be my toddler, then my preschooler, and so on and so forth.

Another thing that won't last for long - Munchkin has been teething for about a month now and it's just getting worse, unfortunately that is no indication whatsoever of when she'll cut that first tooth. Today she has taken to savagely attacking my hand and chewing/sucking on it has much as she can. It's so funny and so cute.

...In other news, my Husband and Brother are killing zombies together tonight and it is beyond amusing to listen to them.

I also have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow, I am quite excited - it's been a long time coming for this dear friend of mine, having been engaged nearly a year and a half before her wedding in a few weeks. Actually, they are two friends that I grew up with - but neither knew the other until they were both in my wedding as bridesmaid and groomsman. God totally has a sense of humor, and I love it.

Well, I am going to attempt to lay my adorable sleeping baby down while I try and finish a few
house keeping things before I join her.


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