Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Adventures

I totally love a good adventure. Whether it be going for a road trip, chasing a thunder storm, or hiking through a beautiful bear infested forest. These things have always given me a fantastic sense of accomplishment for whatever reason. Making me just so happy and content with life - and they don't even cost all that much (except for the gas, of course) !

As of the last few months I have found myself still on an adventurous path - just a whole new kind of adventure: That of Parenting.

Just today while playing with my ever smiling baby doll I found a massive explosion of puke streaming down splattering into my hair, the pillow behind me and my couch. I had to re-wash my hair just to get the stench out.

I have also teased (serious teasing, though!) that "My imagination is too big for me." - I've reached a new level of paranoial:

Having a baby to make sure is with you everywhere is something that you get used to pretty quickly. I mean, after going your whole life just taking care of yourself it's pretty awesome that you adjust so well. And yet - I find myself driving down the road going into a mini panic-attack: "OH MY GOSH! Did I leave Rylee at home!?!?" When her car seat is safe and sound in the back of my car and I can see it quite easily. - Getting the whole adrenaline rush and fast heartbeat that takes a moment or 5 to calm back down. I mean, how terrible of a parent would I be, if I had done that!?

Oh wow. Pathetic, I know, but this is what has happened to me. An already partially insane person turned into a mother has reached a whole new realm of insanity.

Oh - and I have also mentally turned into a Jr.High aged boy and laugh at Rylee when she Burps, Farts and Pukes. Although, I should not be surprised at myself about the burping as I am quite capable of out belching just about any guy...

...In other news I dressed her up in jeans, converse and an orange t-shirt tonight and everyone was mistaking her for a boy. But she totally rocked. - The Evil joys of being a mom and getting to dress the kid before she cares! I'll add a picture or two later when I get my camera set hooked up to my computer.


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