Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain and Clean Times

I love the rain. It smells SO good, I love to fall asleep to it pounding on the roof. Unfortunately we live on the bottom floor of our apartment complex and I no longer get that luxury for now. I love it in the spring as it brings everything to life. Grass becomes greener, Trees bud, Flowers sprout, Streets get cleaner, My car gets "washed", Cleans out the air, Oh, and it smells fantastic!

I love the glorious blue skies that come after a rain as well, everything glistens and there is beauty everywhere to be seen. I love it. I love it all.

Days like that cause me to be rather introspective and all at the same time I clean - A LOT. I daresay my house is at a whole new level of "better than ever" since I moved here. I think I should take this time to suggest NEVER moving when you are 7 months pregnant. If you've done it and think it's "no big deal" - next time try it at 5 feet tall, (not pregnant 110 pounds) and carrying a 9 pound baby inside you - it is NOT a good time to move and expect to have your house set up the way you like it.

So, I have finally ALMOST got it to where my ideal level of organization standards are. The last bit of it is the second bedroom which is by my own admission a "dump room." I hate that and I would really like to have it a nice second room, and sometime soon hopefully Munchkin's room.

In the midst of my cleaning and pondering today I decided to move Munchkin's crib into our bedroom. Kenny asked me last night when we'll start putting her in her crib and then pointed out I'll have a hard time with it. Which he is very right about. I like having her in bed with me.

SO, I decided to start at least trying to lay her in her crib for a couple hours at night, or however long she'll stay - but only as long as she's in my room with me. Yeah, a little separation anxiety even in my own house. Yikes. Ah well, I am allowed and don't really care to ask what anyone else thinks about it.

In other news, my little brother is spending the night tonight to have a play night with Kenny, no doubt they will be up VERY late playing video games of the zombie explosion sort, maybe mixing in some other battle tactic games. While that is going on his adorable girlfriend is going to come over after work and I'll be trying my hands at cutting her bangs in an acceptable manner. All the while hoping that Munchkin will be content through that time. We'll see how it goes!


Stacie said...

I could swear that I know her! I saw them the other day when Joe bought him something at Best Buy and she looks SO FAMILIAR. But I can't figure out why.

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