Sunday, May 3, 2009

Etsy Rocks My World!

No, it seriously does!

Kenny's awesome sister (thereby being my awesome sister-in-law) asked me to help her out with a banner and such for her Etsy Page and I've been obsessively playing with it - improving, researching, then improving some more.

Earlier today I wondered what other peoples' banners on Esty looked like so I went perusing the site to compare my current work to what others already have (To my pleasure my stuff is average at least). And OH MY GOODNESS where was this stuff when I was getting married nearly 2 years ago!?

Oh yeah, that's right, I remember now: I was working two jobs more than full-time and planning a wedding, helping when I could with the same Sister In-laws wedding (married a couple months before us) and dealing with some insane family problems.

Seriously, though, had I known about this site at that time I would have SO bought stuff from those people for my wedding! Check this lady's site out: Hippie Bride This site rocks! If you're planning a wedding - check it out! Even if your not, go there anyways. I searched for a week with my parents looking for that "perfect" necklace to accompany my dress - I think I found the perfect one in the couple minutes I spent on this site. Also, the Veils! I purchased my veil for 6 bucks from Joanne Fabrics - just the Blusher, cause I didn't want a to pay out the extravagant amount of money charged for a veil and wasn't planning on wearing one much. But had I seen these, I'd have definitely shelled the money out!

Then there is this site: Kirsten James Handbags TOTALLY awesome bags! Sure, I'm quite certain I have the skills to make them myself, but would I? Probably not. I enjoy creating other things far too much to get around to that. If I had the extra cash for it I'd buy one of those right now as well.

I like supporting non-corporate business - A LOT. There is just something great about not feeding into the stupidity that is corporate politics. Kenny worked for far too long for one of the worst ones I've encountered. Anyways, These sites totally rock my world and there are SO many more! Everyone should shop here, or at least try to. Its totally great.

On a totally different side-note, I made yummy sugar cookies

tonight and had an enjoyable day with my awesome husband, my brother and his girlfriend. She's a totally sweet girl, and it's been great getting to know her.


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