Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's a Mom's Day!

And it's pretty cool. I love my mother so very much. She had a very huge part in helping me become who I am today. She has done so much for me and her family, its great and I don't know how she has done it! When we were little she'd sit and read to us, she let me pull a chair up to the kitchen counter when she was making pancakes for breakfast and I'd "help" her.

My mom let me sit in on her Tupperware parties, she'd let me "help" and make my own Toll Painting projects when she got into those with her friends. She let my brother and I crawl through the house like puppy dogs "playing" 101 Dalmations, pretend The Land Before Time and that we were cute dinosaurs and sometimes... *ahem*... taking eggs out of the refrigerator and putting them into the "nests" we had created out of our little bean bag chairs.

Yeah, it was awesome. I love my mommy.

Today is my own very First Mommy Day! This ADORABLE little girl is mine and she'll call me mommy soon and for a very long time after that. I still have a hard time believing that she is Mine, but I so love her. My world is such a much improved place to be now that she has been added to my life. I love it, even when she's not feel well like today.

My poor hubby.

Everything he wanted to do for me today didn't pan out the way he wanted it to. Turned out that my new (to me) car has a nail in its back tire and my recent driving of it has caused it to start leaking profusely so we had to air up the tire every hour or two today and we were gone from 9am till 9pm. Which, I guess, made it impossible to not do the first thing he wanted to.

He made the best of it, though, and took me out to lunch at TGIFridays - I looooove that restaurant. Its one of our little "nooks" that we go to. They've got some of the best steak too, at least our does. Afterwards I asked if we could go to a park and we did, it was great! I LOVE going to parks with rivers and such more than almost anything else. We dipped my poor munchkins feet in that icy cold river water, and no, she did not like it and let us know instantly. No, we did not leave her feet in there - we're not that mean!

My first mothers day was pretty great, especially with what Kenny had to work with! And we've gotta buy new tires for my car too so, that threw a wrench in what he wanted to do as well, I hope I conveyed to him well that I didn't care. I just loved spending time with him and my Munchkin that makes me a mommy.

I also can't help but think about the twins that I lost on a day like today. I wonder if they were identical, boys, girls, or one of each. I wonder what kind of personalities they would have had and what parts of Kenny and I they would have gotten. Its amazing watching Rylee grow up, I wonder how it would have gone with them. I miss them. And yet, if God had not seen fit to take them home to be with Him when he did, I would not have Munchkin - who I can not imagine not in my life any more.

Lord God, Thank you for my Sweet Princess that you have blessed us with and my wonderful husband that you have blessed me with. Be with my twins, tell them I love them and miss them. Thank you for my Mommy. I love and appreciate her SO very much, Thank you for Kenny's mommy too. Mothers are amazing, thank you for making me one. I hope I can live up to the standard set before me by so many that have gone infront of me. Thank you for all that you continue to do in our lives. Thank you for the example of the Proverbs woman, who I will strive to be more and more.

Thank You. Happy Mothers Day ALL mommy's out there!


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