Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Young and Married and Loving it!

When Kenny and I became engaged shortly after I graduated high school, He had just turned 19 and I was still 18, nearly every one we were in contact with (other than our families) questioned the wisdom in that.

The endless comments from coworkers about My having only dated one person and I couldn't possibly know that this was the right guy before trying other guys. Kenny got the - "Dude! Why are you tying yourself down so young! There is so much more out there to experience before you can't have fun anymore!"

Sure, its true, we were very young. But without a doubt that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We also were quite happy to spend all our time together and the "fun" our co-workers were quick to point out we didn't partake in so we were quite content with our outdoors going, paintballing, swimming, sledding, guitar and video game playing ways. In fact, we still are!

We've had our difficult moments, mostly because there was a shortage in money - usually because Kenny's job made it difficult plan from week to week, one time he'd get 34 hours, the next he'd get 6, it was so erratic there was really no sense of normalcy. But really, that's been our hardships.

...other than, of course, finding out I was pregnant. Twice. The first time was a HUGE shock, compared to the second. The first time was a mere 4 months after being married (not in our plans) and came to find out that I had been pregnant with Twins. Kenny had always wanted twins, a lot. It was something we had talked about everytime the subject of kids came up. Then the miscarriage came a few weeks afterwards and a whole new set of emotions came.

However, if that had not happened I would not have my sweet Munchkin here with me now being clingy-er than ever today. Okay, maybe not ever but still so very clingy today.

We still continually get the comments about our age and

"Holy Cow! You're married AND have a kid at 22/21!?!? ...On purpose??"

" Yes, ON PURPOSE. I chose to marry this guy. He chose to ask me. We knew that having a kid is a hazard of becoming married. Thanks for asking!"

We haven't regretted it one day since! Just today we had a conversation that went like this:

Kenny: "Man, I loved my wedding"

Me: "I loved our wedding! Thanks for marrying me!"

Kenny: "It was great, and no problem!"

We're still, admittedly, completely pathetic and I'm certain we get the eye rolls from the random bystander gawking at us still hanging on each other and being quite shame-less in our display of affection toward each other. But hey, can we help that we both see how incredibly amazing our spouse is and that God is even more amazing at bringing us together?

We're madly, hopelessly (as in won't ever change) and hopefully (as in full of hope) in love with each other. ...even when we're laughing at something completely dumb the other just did...


Erin said...

We are the same way- I got married at 21 with the first person I was ever in a serious relationship with and even my mother said I needed more experience! (My friends and the people from our churches were just concerned- there is also an age difference between us.) But we've been married for almost 6 years! Most of my friends are barely in relationships! I think being married young has been a blessing in so many ways- there is so much good news to be found in marriage! And all of our mentors (old couples) married young and started their families young, and they are all great examples to us of Christian marriage and partnership! Keep it up- you guys will be good examples for younger couples one day!

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