Friday, May 15, 2009

Vitamin D!!!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! It has not known that we are supposed to get our insane wind storms in march and april - not may. It has been SO windy the last few days that although it has appeared nice from the comfort from the indoors, it would near blow you away.

Today, though, just slightly cool breezes and wonderful blue sky and warm sun. We spent the day playing outside with Kenny's parents. They were having fun doing a slight bit of landscaping and general yard work.

Kenny is so cute, every once in awhile he needs a project to work on. He spent quite awhile working on this totally awesome and totally quirky go kart that has only 3 wheels - the single one being in the back of the thing. Its awesome you would love it too if you saw it, and would want one for yourself. Anyways, he and his dad were trying to get the thing to actually run (its about a once a year ordeal to get it to "go" then its fine for the rest of the season), I'm not sure that they succeeded tonight, though. He may go back tomorrow and do more to it.

The best thing about today, though = My baby sat up on her own!!!!!!!

She has been SO very close to it for a month now, just needing to steady herself with my finger, but would fall over almost as soon as I took my finger away. She had NO sense of balance at all! It was quite funny. But today she finally got it down! She'll still get unsteady and fall over, but at least she's getting the ability to try and balance now! My baby is growing up. I'm so sad, I don't want her to become so independent already! But this is the way of live, I guess. I don't have to be thrilled about it though!

I'll love every step of the way, but I'm allowed the sadness of seeing my baby become a little girl!

Kenny was away from Tuesday through last night and he's home now! I'm so happy. I love having him with me, even when we're doing nothing. Its great. Its the way I like it. :)

I haven't posted the last couple of days because I had a couple posts all typed up and ready to push the "publish post" button and then clicked off the page. They were written in total rage and did not need to be displayed for all to see and likely will never be seen. Not because I don't want anyone to see that part of me, because I am quite admittedly a hothead. But because it is not necessary to be said anymore. It was more typing to type and get it all off my chest, ya know?

Well, its getting late and I'm sure I have other things I need to go do... ...probably not, but its as good a reason as any to finish of this post!


Jillian said...

YAY!! You will love that she can sit up and before you know she will be crawling!! My nephew crawls every where and my sister has so much free time!!

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