Monday, May 11, 2009

Tears, Stew and Broken plates.

Rylee has been a mama's girl from nearly day 1. She always needs me around and I have to be in eyeshot and usually holding her. That's okay with me, I know it will not last for long and I am cherishing it now.

She got her 4 (actually 5, we're on a bit of an "off" schedule) month shots on Friday and Kenny came with me. He got to see how sad it is to see a baby get shots and he feels like a bit like a bad parent for allowing our child to get stabbed and injected with dead illnesses.

Since then she's been very very very clingy - way beyond what is normal. So, she needs to be in my arms at allllll times and when in my arms doesn't work its at the boob to nurse. Which has been okay, I'm willing to oblige when I can.

But today... She cried all the way through my shower, then was fine for a short little bit after I got out, not quite long enough to get dressed, though. I had to start the crock pot for some Stew that I have been planning for days. Which meant cutting up the potatoes and carrots and browning the meat to place in it - its actually a bit more work than I knew!

Anyways, she started crying hysterically for me to hold her in 2 minutes of starting that process so I decided to lay her in her crib to allow her to cry it out while I finished creating this dinner I am not even sure will taste good. She continued to cry for the next hour and a half without taking much of a break and I felt like a horrid mother for allowing that.

In the midst of that hour and a half I managed to break one of my favorite plates into a BILLION pieces on the kitchen floor and the dining room floor - both of which are carpeted (yeah, no linoleum in our kitchen!) AND the rug that separates the two. All the while I was cooking the meat for the stew. So the next little while was consumed with picking up alllll those tiny pieces of glass of my beloved plate.

Kenny was so sweet he helped and even got his shop vac out of his work van to make sure all the little pieces were picked up - I didn't want to chance Rylee getting one in her foot and our normal vacuum isn't good for that kind of thing.

And all this happened by 10:30am.

My nerves were a bit frazzled and trying to figure out how to respond. I was frustrated then but its getting better. Rylee is sound asleep in my lap, though it took some time calming her down, she really thought I didn't love her any more. I waited till she took a couple moments break from crying to pick her up and I scared her so bad that she started crying more. Then kept her little mini sobs up while I held her in my arms for awhile. It was so sad.

I have now eaten lunch, the plate is cleaned, the dinner is getting cooked, I do have tires for my car that aren't going to cost a bunch of money, and maybe I'll take a nap in a little bit!

If this in indicitive of the rest of my week I'm in for quite a ride! Lets hope we're just getting everything out of the way today! heehee.


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