Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Someone HIT me!!!

I've done my best to be a responsible and reliable individual. It hasn't always worked that way and I have had my irresponsible moments for sure. I have also been flaky at times too. It's really been a goal for me to be reliable and responsible in my life/with my life and all I do.

A major struggle for me, though, is with finances. I try SO hard to be on time with bills and not over spending or buying things that we really shouldn't. Yet I fail in those so much. I used to have the "excuse" of working 2 jobs and not having much time to actually sit down and work those things out or make the proper errands that needed to be made in business hours.

But now I sit at home with a baby all day and should have everything in order! Yet I still don't! Today Kenny got a "courtesy call" from our bank to remind us of something that should have been paid last week. I'm beyond frustrated with myself. Kenny has asked me over and over to be on top of this stuff and has even offered to take care of it all if I cannot. I insist that I can - I should be able to! - and I end up with a late bill still.

I am so mad at myself and lack of abilities to accomplish this simple task. Here is my very public "confession" and kick in the ass to get myself going and not ever do this again!

We want to buy a house SOON, but this cannot happen until I get my stupid priorities in order! Bills Paid=Responsible=HOUSE!

Can I just have money always there so I don't have to worry about whether we'll make rent every month?? Heehee. A trust in my God exercise and a Good Steward with Money exercise. Especially since work has been more scarce for Kenny recently, making his paychecks increasingly short and the last bit of on-the-side work I did didn't end up paying.

I need to come up with some good ways of actually earning extra money from home. ...I'll take awesome pics of your kids for you! heehee. Or design a blog/web banner for your site for you too.

Speaking of jobs, my dear Sister-in-Law has been looking for jobs for years, specifically in her graduate field of work. She's had a few but the job ends up not being what it promised in the first place, leading her to need to find somewhere else. If you all could pray for her that would be fantastic.


Jillian said...

My husband keeps a excel spreadsheet of all the bills he has to pay and the date they are suppossed to be paid every month. It works well for him!!

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