Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ready, Set, Fun!

Another Saturday has come and we have completely enjoyed it. This morning my baby (not so much baby anymore) brother had his birthday party at a local skating rink. One of those places that holds so many great memories growing up. I may have been seen partaking in a race with other silly people and my brothers girl friend. She's the tall, tatooed pretty one, I'm the short disheveled looking one.

Munchkin had a great time too. I took her out skating with me until the mean (with good intentions) guards of the skating rink told me I could not do that (So I did it on the carpeted area where they didn't have jurisdiction!).

She also begged to have the cup cakes we were enjoying. She also let us know that just a little bit was not enough as she'd start fussing for more after she finished the bit of frosting/cupcake given to her. No, that is not the face of a eager-to-eat-cupcake-baby. Is it?

I have the need to rearrange things and they usually come at odd times. Keeping with that tradition - I started this endeavor at 11pm last night. Finished around 12:30-1ish. I wasn't sure about it at the time, but I definitely like it.

Aaaaand this is currently the site at my newly rearranged house. Tuckered out Baby and Hubby. Some quiet for myself. I love it. Doesn't happen all that often for me, so I cherish the few moments of hands free, duty free time I have at my home without entertaining or being entertained by anyone.

Yes, this has been a great day in our weekend. I am pleased.


Jillian said...

I love skating and I haven't been in years!! So much fun!!

Erin said...

cutest photo of a baby with a cupcake EVER!!

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